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Tamron lens come apart?

  1. Terry Again
    Hi People,
    I have a couple Tamron lenses and the adaptall 2 on them in a MD Minolta mount for my SRT 100 and I wonder how one gets the adaptall off the lens? My Friend that gave it all to me has had 2 strokes and can't tell me how and I wonder because I might get just a tamron lens in the future maybe and it's good to know how to take things apart and put together and not have any spare parts left over I have no Idea IF tamron lenses were good or not? have yet to use them. So I ask here for info and wonder why only 4 post with what 25 members? You all the strong silent types? Speak up and be counted!! Have a good one,

  2. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Terry;

    Well, there may be only four "threads," but there are many postings. The main one runs for several pages of postings.

    "Yes," to both of the questions about Tamron Lenses. They are good. Some of them performed better than the equivalent lenses from the main camera manufacturers. I think that is a fair endorsement.

    Yes, the Adaptall mounts do come off. Both the earlier Adaptall and the more common later Adaptall-2 mounts come off in just about the same way. On the back of the lens coming foward from the Adaptall mount you will see two (2) rectangular tabs that go into mating recesses on the back of the Tamron Lens. Look closely; they are there. Gently lift or pry both of them out of their recess and move them slightly sideways so they will not go back and latch into the recess. Then you can rotate the Adaptall mount counter-clockwise (sort of to the left) off the bayonet mont on the back of the Tamron Lens.

    End of Part One of Two Parts.
  3. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Part Two of Two Parts.

    To put it back on, line up the two GREEN dots, one on the Tamron Lens and one on the Adaptall mount. Move the two rectangular tabs so they will be near their recesses if needed. Push the Adaptall mount onto the Tamron Lens and rotate it Clockwise (to the right) to go onto the bayonet mount. Move the tabs into their recesses and they will latch in place. The tabs are slightly different in size from each other, so it is not easy to get them into the wrong recess if you line up the two GREEN dots first.

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins
  4. Terry Again
    Terry Again
    Hi Ralph and thanks for the information I shall get the lens and give it a gentle go of it! And I also wonder this lens is a 35-80mm macro and I wonder what and where the macro comes in?

  5. wayne naughton
    wayne naughton
    most probably a close focus lens rather than a true macro. i've got one tamron lens that came with an 'adaptamatic' minolta mount. was this a precursor to the adaptall mounts? noone seems to have heard of it.
  6. wayne naughton
    wayne naughton
    just answered my own query. wonder why i could never find this before? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamron#...ses_and_mounts
  7. wayne naughton
    wayne naughton
    gee, i'm having trouble staying on this site. firefox really doesn't like APUG.....
  8. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Terry and Wayne;

    Wayne; yes, the Adaptmatic was a precursor to the Adaptall and the subsequent more popular Adaptall-II series. In the late 1960's, Tamron found that they had to redesign the adapters to handle all of the things the camera manufacturers were doing with their lenses. The Adaptall-II series is the result.

    Terry and Wayne; another very useful resource for Tamron is www.adaptall-2.com. There is a lot of information there for Tamron; history, adaptall mounts, SP lenses, regular lenses, and many useful links, including one for the lens hoods for Tamron lenses.

    End of Part One of Two Parts
  9. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Part Two of Two Parts

    Terry; nice to know that the information provided was useful for you. Wayne's comment about the 28-80 mm Zoom lens being only a "close focusing" lens is valid. Even the well respected Tamron SP 90 mm f 2.8 "Tele Macro" lens needs an extension adapter to get down to 1:1. The official adapter is the Type 18F 1:1 Adapter, but it is rare. Most people just use the Type 01F 2x Teleconverter to get there.

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins
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