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Minolta Manual Focus (MMF)

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  1. B&Jdude
    Uncle Bill:

    I notice that the Flickr screen has a button "Send to a friend" at the bottom of the page showing each picture. Do I click on that to send the picture to the MMF Group Gallery?

    Meanwhile, back at the MMF Group, at the bottom of the Gallery is a button "Add Picture" and when I click, I am prompted to enter the URL of each picture I want to upload to APUG. I don't know what URL means, but I assume it is the name and address of the picture, but I haven't a clue where I find the URL for something I want to transfer.

    By the way I hope we can get some more people on the MMF Group, as it has been much too quiet there.

  2. selenium96
    Hello all,

    I bought my first SRT-101 in 1972 and it is still going strong. I have added a second SRT-101 and an X570 to my Minolta collection and have had a handful of other bodies that no longer work or I traded.

    My favorite lens in my original MC Rokkor-PF 58mm f1.4 and I recently purchased a Minolta MD 35-70 f3.5 zoom which has impressed me with its sharpness. I have Minolta 28mm, 50mm, 135mm lenses and a nice Sigma 70-300 I really like.

    I am glad to see so much interest in the manual focus Minoltas.

    Steve O. from Maine.
  3. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Steve from Maine;

    Please explain why you find the Minolta MC Rokkor-PF 58 mm f 1.4 lens to be your favorite lens.

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins
    Minolta SR-1b with Auto Rokkor PF 58 mm f 1.4 lens
  4. minoltax570srt202
    Hello all, I'm excited to join this group. My first camera, a minolta x370, was given to me while in college in the mid 90's. I didnt know how to us it or anything about photography at the time, i was just fascinated with the camera. After learning to use it and such, i decided to upgrade to an x700. Good move on my part, i loved the camera. But being the bonehead i am, i thought i needed an autofocus camera in order to "get that great shot that my manual focus camera was keeping me from getting". so i got rid of both minoltas and bought a canon eos elan 7e (i know, BOOOO!). needless to say, my photography did not improve one bit. I gave up for a while, sold the camera and just didnt take any pictures at all.

    Two years ago, while on furlough in the U.S. (im a missionary in Thailand) i purchased an x570 for the purpose of using it to teach photography in my work. i had planned on getting a fancy new digital camera (i still hadn't learned anything...) but while i was testing the x570, i fell in love with it! it was more capable than my old x700 because it showed the selected shutter speed in the viewfinder, what a huge difference it made. i decided against the digital (thank god!) and bought a nikon scanner instead. i have learned a great deal about picture taking over the past 2 years and am now developing my own black and white on a regular basis.

    I love the lenses i have, 24/2.8 (floating element), 35/2.8, 50/1.7, 85/2.0, 135/2.8. I have a powerwinder to improve readiness and a 360px flash for versatility. last month, i got an srt 202 refurbished by jt camera. i highly recommend his services. im really impressed with the srt, its a great solid, simple, and capable camera. others might call me crazy, but my srt is quieter than my '570, can anyone else confirm this?

    anyway, im looking forward to sharing with you all, we are a weird but smart breed for choosing Minolta: the "red-headed stepchild" of cameras. if you would like to take a peek at my pics, they are at: www.andymayphotography.com most of them were taken in Thailand, if anyone is interested. i focus primarily on people, well, at least that's what i want to do.


  5. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning,Andy;

    Welcome to APUG's Minolta Group. Bill has provided a service to all of us by setting up a forum for us to share knowledge and stories about Minolta Cameras. My own association with them goes back to the days of Chiyoda Kogaku K. K.

    Congratulations on discovering the true joy of working with a camera to produce a photograph you want. The fact that we are here in this forum is probably the best statement about where our inclinations, preferences, and out-right prejudice lay. As far as the sound level of the SR-T 202 goes, I am not sure. I do agree that the SR-T series is much quieter than the early versions in the SR series. I do not have an X-570, so I cannot compare with it. I can say that I have found my X-700's to be nicely quiet, but for serious seruptitious work, I go to a Minolta Hi-Matic 9 range finder camera with its nice quiet "snick" of the in-the-lens leaf shutter. My champion in announcing that I had just taken a photograph was my original SR-1b that went; "clank, vzsssst, flock" when I turned it loose.

    Again, Andy, welcome to the group.

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins
  6. minoltax570srt202
    steve, and anyone else who has one, id also like to know what is special about the mc 58/1.4. i thought about getting one but am afraid ill be disappointed and that it will only make my camera bag heavier. (a 1/3 stop isnt really a big advantage to me). i already own the 85/2 and 50/1.7, would the 58/1.4 be more useful in any way? (other than being slightly faster) ive read it has great bokeh, but is it that much better than the 50/1.7 or 85/2? what about flare? anyway, just curious.
  7. drazak
    The 58/1.4 has insanely short depth of field for some reason, and it's closer to 1/2 a stop faster. Also, a faster lens will be sharper stopped down to 2 or 2.8 than the 50/1.7 stopped to 2.8.
  8. wayne naughton
    wayne naughton
    i guess that makes me member number 20. My name's wayne, i live in Melbourne, have 4 srt's and 1 X300. i shoot mainly XP2 with a Rokkor 35mm F1.8 and a 135mm F2.8.... and it's comforting to see a minolta presence still on this site, now i don't seem so lonely...grin

    oh, season's greetings, here's to a happy and prosperous new year for all,

  9. John Irvine
    John Irvine
    I guess there's now 21 in the group. For reasons I don't know, I've always been a Minolta fan. Back in the early 80s, when everybody was buying Cannon AE1s, I bought an X700. I loved that camera. From there I went to a Minolta 7000 autofocus that I never really cared for except that it could focus better than me. I drifted in and out of photography as time and circumstance allowed. I've now retired and am rediscovering the joy of photography I've enjoyed since I was in high school. Along with the 4X5, I drug out the X700. That heavy metal body still felt good after all that time. I still can't tell you why, but I love that camera and it's still a better camera than I am a photographer.
  10. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    For John Irvine and Wayne Naughton, welcome to the group. Wayne, there are many people who share your interest in Minolta cameras; you are not alone. John, many people like holding a camera that they can feel in their hands. There is also the point that there seems to be an optimum weight for each person that helps in holding the camera steady. Too little weight and you wiggle around more; too much weight and you get tired and your muscles may tremble. There is a balance.

    I do admit that Steve's 58 mm f 1.4 comment got my attention. Why do I like the 58 mm f 1.4? I have found that for my eyes, it gives me the same perspective. When I look through the view finder port of the camera I note where things are in the image shown. When I raise my head and look at the scene with my eyes, nothing moves. Everything stays in the same place. If I use a 50 mm lens, when I look up, the things on the sides seem to shift a little further out than they seemed to be when looking through the camera. Try it if you have both focal lengths and see what you get. No, it is not as much of a shift as when using a 35 mm lens, but it is there.

    Then there is the point of the f 1.4 instead of f 1.7, f 1.8, or f 2.0. I do find that the viewfinder is brighter, especially in lower light levels, so focusing is easier. Then there is also the shorter depth of field. For me, the difference in the depth of field makes it easier to tell when I have the lens in correct focus.

    That is my main collection of reasons why I like the Minolta Auto Rokkor-PF 58 mm f 1.4 and the later incarnations in MC and MD mount variations, and I also admit to having a Nikkkor-S Auto 5.8 cm f 1.4. I have always wondered why both Nikon and Minolta (or Chiyoda Kogaku) chose the focal length of 58 mm when they came out with their first f 1.4 lenses for their SLR cameras.

    Finally, yes, I do have two working samples of the Minolta 58 mm f 1.2 lens also. I agree that this lens is noticeably heavier. There is a third sample I keep to show people why you should not store photographic lenses in a garage or basement; the fungus growth in that lens is spectacular. I didn't do it. It was given to me when I offered to buy it as a display piece.

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins
  11. unohuu
    hey gang...I know I already know some of you. Great idea for this group. I know Wayne for sure. I shoot with 2 XG-1s; 2 X-700s; an XE-7; and an XD-11.
  12. unohuu
    I also shoot with the 58 f/1.4. It is fast; it is sharp and it is close to my "normal" perspective. I often use it more than the 50 f/1.7.
  13. Terry Again
    Terry Again
    Hi All, It turns out a Garry's Camera shop converts the srts to Silver oxides as part of it's servicing for 53 bucks that and the light seals are checked and changed and shutter and meter are checked etc...... and that 53 includes return shipping you have to send the battery of your choice with the camera! Has anyone used them?
  14. B&Jdude
    Terry, where is Garry's Camera Shop? Their website address? Smiff
  15. unohuu
    I have used Garry's. Just got an X-700 back that had the capacitor failure. His shop is in Des Plaines, IL
  16. B&Jdude
    Thanx, unohuu.
  17. Mark_S
    I think that I am 23. I need to confess that I don't shoot MMF much any more, (I mostly shoot LF and MF now, and when I do shoot 35mm is is usually with a rangefinder). I do still own and use some X-700s and an XE-7. I sold most of my sexy Minolta Glass a couple of years ago (58mm f1.2, fisheye, 250mm RF, 85mm f1.7) but still use the minolta Manual focus mostly for macro work. I also used to have an underwater housing for the X-700 and have shot a couple hundred rolls underwater.

    And B&Jdude - I have also used Garrys and have been happy with the quality of his work. He has replaced caps on X-700s and did a seal replacement for the XE-7.
  18. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    Wow. You go away for a day or two of ski patrol, and all kinds of things happen here.

    Hello, Luke. Nice to see you here too.

    Terry, thanks for the additional details about Garry's services.

    Mark, welcome to the group. Mark, I am properly envious and jealous. My own lenses stop at 16 mm, so unless we can accept a "full frame fisheye" definition also, I cannot yet claim to have a "fisheye." The 85 mm f 1.7 is really nice for full head or head and shoulders portraits. While the perspective is right there with it, I have wondered about the Rokkor 85 mm f 2.8 VARISOFT and what it would do. An underwater housing for an X-700. Please excuse me while I drool . . .

    Well, I must admit that the little Weathermatic Dual 35 has actually done quite nicely with snorkel and fins. I usually managed to get one shot per breath. I just wish I had something like it when I was getting started back in the 1950's. Some of the places where I swam have now been filled in and are supporting businesses or a park.

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins
  19. wayne naughton
    wayne naughton
    hiya Lukey...been a bit off the planet with new comp, new camera, new lights, new software....drowning under a sea of pixels (shhh!...grin). it's just nice to talk about real cameras and forget about the other stuff for a 'bit' (erk, sorry about that). I think i saw jeff's moniker here too. thanks for the welcome Ralph....if this group turns out like other minolta groups on the web, it's bound to be pretty friendly.... and pretty yappy too. i just got hold of a MD 58mm 1.4 with a busted filter ring.... the glass is clean and after the wrap you guys have given it, i just might go and get it fixed.

  20. unohuu
    Morning all, Wayne, Jeff, in particular. I am an official Minolta AF/MF shooter again. There was a price drop on the M7 so I snatched it up. Looking forward to learning some stuff here. I am also posting my favorite XG-1 image.
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