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Minolta Manual Focus (MMF)

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  1. selenium96
    I find the 58mm/1.4 to be extremely sharp from edge to edge even when wide open. It makes focusing in low light easier. I have not had flare issues with it. I have an MD 50mm/1.7 that is a nice lens but it does not compare to the 58mm. Perhaps I used it for so many year I have a bias. The blades in my original lens froze up but I managed to find a replacement in 2005 for $49 and was happy to pay it.

    Steve O.
  2. selenium96
    I added a couple of MMF images to the gallery and this page. "The Six Acre Field" was shot with the 58mm1.4 and the Veterans Day 2005 image was with an MD Rokkor-X 28mmF2.8. The day I shot the Veterans Day image was when I discovered the blades on my original 58mm had frozen up. Only the 28mm images were usable on that film. Too bad as I thought I had some nice shots that were so overexposed.
  3. Romary

    Just a quick introduction. My father bought me a XGM when I passed my Baccalaureat. Unfortunately, it was stollen. After that I switch to Nikon which are also great cameras. I recently bought in a charity in UK a X-300. What a great camera so simple and efficient. I also own a MC 28 mm (I like these heavy objective). I just bought a SRT101 I have not received yet.
  4. wayne naughton
    wayne naughton
    soon you'll have a drawer full of lenses to go with your cameras...then it gets worse....grin

  5. wayne naughton
    wayne naughton
    accessories, flashes,bellows, lights, filters,manuals, cables, meters tripods....enlargers, developing tanks, trays...bits of junk....i can see your future now Romary cabinets loaded with old minolta stuff...i use to be like you once, young, dewy eyed and innocent....and look at me now old and gnarled living in a house full of cats and minolta cameras. it's a rim future my friend if you persist in this collecting mania......grin


  6. wayne naughton
    wayne naughton
    ....errr, grim future rather than rim future, sorry that typo sounded a bit disgusting...vbg

  7. John Irvine
    John Irvine
    I have an available light taken on New Years Eve with my X-700 that I like. I have it scanned as a tif file but haven't the foggiest idea how to get it added to the pictures. Problem is forum illiteracy and an ancient dial up on one of Alexander Graham Bell's original copper lines.
  8. Romary
    @ Wayne,

    Too late I am afraid. My lab is already full of material and I also colelct old book :-).
  9. Chaplain Jeff
    Chaplain Jeff
    Hey Luke,

    That's awesome about the Maxxum 7. Going to be getting (probably) a 9 when I get back to the states. Interested in hearing your thoughts on the 7 once you get it going. I know it's a newer camera with more options - kind of like the F100 to the F5?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Was that XG-1 shot yours from the original "around-the-world" project?
  10. Chaplain Jeff
    Chaplain Jeff
    Wayne! Haven't heard from you in awhile either!

    Hope things are going well down under. Staying busy I'm guessing?

    Let's see some shots!
  11. B&Jdude
    Ah, John Irvine, thanks for being there . . . a fellow sufferer who hasn't a clue about how to get pix on here. I have half a dozen on Flickr, haven't a clue how I got them there, and don't know how to transfer copies of them over to this group's little gallery over on the right.

    Anyhoo, it's nice to see all the activity on here the last couple of days. I was beginning to worry that this forum was going to wither away from the gitgo.

    Yeah, I admit it . . . I have a room full of STR cameras and a myriad of minolta gadgets and attachments.

  12. wayne naughton
    wayne naughton
    hi Jeff, lately,i've been immersed in getting a lot of new digital gear up and running..... alas my film output has been next to zero ( actually,it has been zero....g) but i've got hold of a x300 off brian and an 800si to tryout asap. i've got a new comp and i've managed to vaporise most of my old pics, so the next time i break both my legs and i'm laid up with nothing to do for a few months, i might get to rescan some old negs....

    keep your head down brother....grin

  13. drazak
    Can one of you guys suggest a good minolta body I can pick up cheap? I have an x570 and a broken x700, but I'm looking to find one that's fairly cheap for use as a backup body with a different type of film in it when shooting sports or whatever. Also, my 58/1.4 is pretty good, I have one of the older versions, but it's very very sharp.
  14. unohuu
    drazak...I would look at the XD-7(11) and the SR series cameras. There is also a beauty XE-7 and the little siblings to both the X*-7s as XD-5 and XE-5. I have the D and XE-7; two X-700s; and two XG-1s. First preference is the XD-7 and then the X-700s.

    Jeff, that photo of my mother is from about the time of the original ATW project; but I am not sure if she made that cut.

  15. Terry Again
    Terry Again
    It seems to be 2 ways to go on the battery situation for the SRT cameras or any that used a mercury battery! The simple way is to use the 675 zinc air hearing aid battery and a O ring around the 675 to center it in the compartment and replace more often at a cheap price at a drug store? OR add a certain kind of diode to the ground wire to the battery and use an O ring around a silver oxide battery again to center the battery in the compartment and replace less often!! Though one has to be careful when looking for a silver oxide battery to use!! I saw the discharge rates of 2 different batteries of the same brand both silver oxide and it was like night and day difference in the rates! The energiser 303H I think it was is like a mercury battery and the other being a 357 or something like that has a much short life of use for us!! This info is in a link in a post, in a thread started by me in 35mm cameras and accessories called something like, converting a SRT to use Silver oxide Batteries? I'm trying to keep it alive by asking new questions that pop in my mind about battery in a SRT and what one can do about it? AS I will have to some time coming up? 24 members to the group now? And growing!
    Have a good one,
  16. wayne naughton
    wayne naughton
    you can always compensate for the exposure variations.....i know using the wrong batteries is supposed to cause damage but recently i had 4 srts cleaned and the meters calibrated to match each other and the mechanic said that the cameras were in perfect working condition...there ya go....

  17. B&Jdude
    I have a bunch of SRT cameras (about 20) and have been using them for years with alkaline 625 batteries and have never had any meter damage or other problems. I just set the ASA speed a stop slower to compensate for the too high light meter readings and keep on shooting.
  18. wayne naughton
    wayne naughton
    20 srts? there was this guy on the minolta yahoo group who had 47 (out of 53) of the standard rokkor lenses.... maybe you two ought to get together for a beer someday....grin

  19. B&Jdude
    By the way, an 11% over voltage (1.5 vs 1.35) will not hurt the light meter circuitry. I wouldn't find any cause to worry about damage until the voltage rose by about 25%, or up to around 1.7 volts. Of course at that voltage the meter would read way too high and you would underexpose by 3 stops or so.
  20. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Thank you, Wayne. 47 lenses out of 53 available. That is impressive. Now I don't feel so guilty about my own obsession. Perhaps there is merit in attending these meetings of Cameras Anonymous after all.

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins
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