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Minolta Manual Focus (MMF)

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  1. Uncle Bill
    I just want to say welcome Minolta Manual focus fans, I have a smaller kit with MCx Rokkor lenses in 28 f2.8, 35 f2.8, 50 f1.4 and 135 f2.8 and a SRT 202 and the XE-7.

    Please introduce yourself and don't be afraid to share photos taken with your manual focus Minoltas.
  2. rusty_tripod
    I use these Minoltas at school with my photo club although I have one for personal use. (It needs a battery, and those have been hard to find.)

    My son has one takes terrific pictures. He acquired a backup for a friend, but the friend was not so interested in photography.

    My greatest challenge with these cameras is that they get turned on so easily and quickly drain the batteries.
  3. fmajor
    Hello All!

    I use Minolta manual focus SLR cameras almost exclusively except my MINOLTA Dynix 7D dSLR. I primarily use XD-11s and/or SRT102s/SRT202s. Additionally, i only use Minolta Rokkor lenses and really enjoy my photography with them.

    I don't know if i can upload photos b/c i am not an APUG subscriber, but have some photos on my flickr.


    See ya!

  4. psvensson
    I have a couple of SRTs, an X-700 and an X-570. Most of the lenses are MC Rokkor-X, just like Uncle Bill's. That was a great line! Favorites are 50/1.4 and 85/1.7.
  5. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Uncle Bill;

    You have been busy. First the pre-AI Nikon Group; now a Minolta Group.

    I think I qualify. My Minolta MF camera bodies start from an SR-1a, and go through SR-1b, SR-1S, SR-7, SR-7v, SR-T 100, 101, 102, 201, 202, Super, X-700, and an XG-1 that was given to me. The X-700 is a complete X-700 System. There is also a Hi-Matic 9 range finder, the Weathermatic Dual 35, and a few of the Minolta 16 mm cameras (16-II, et cetera). There is also one Dynax 9/Maxxum 9, but that is for another forum and purpose. It would be easier to list just the focal length lenses I do not have, but, anyway; 16 mm, 17 mm, 20 mm, 24 mm, 28 mm, 35 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, 55 mm, 58 mm, 85 mm, 100 mm, 135 mm, 200 mm 250 mm, 300 mm, and 500 mm. Many of them have more than one aperture. There are also some other lens focal lengths that have adapters to fit the Minolta SR Mount. There is a reasonable selection of accessories. I also have a significant library of owner's manuals.

    Is this enough to be able to join your newest group?


    Ralph Javins
  6. Terry Again
    Terry Again
    Hi All, I have only a SRT 100 given to me by a Friend from New Zealand and I haven't opened the box yet as it's a Christmas present and will be opened then!! I hope I can relearn to use a film camera again? I hope my brain damage doesn't get in the way because of a lack of short term memory and that now effects long term memory so it all a matter of repeating until I get it right!! I hope you all have very happy holidays and those where it's cold stay warm!!

  7. B&Jdude
    Hello Uncle Bill and other Minolta MMF users. I have about 20 or so Minoltas from SR1 through most all of the SRT series (including a couple with the X suffix), plus about half dozen X series including an XK. I enjoy taking pictures with them and keep 6 or 7 camera bags ready to go. Each contains 2 or 3 bodies, some lenses, filters, B&W & color film, and a few other things. I have many other cameras, 35mm to 8 X 10, but is is the Minoltas that have been my regular users since I got my first SRT-101 in 1968. EuGene Smith, Clinton, Arkansas
  8. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, all;

    We have been going for a week now. There does seem to be a collection of people with experience with several models of Minolta cameras and accessories. Now there is the question of comments on the use of our equipment, and questions about this older equipment.

    Terry Again has been working on getting his SR-T 100 working with modern batteries. Bill has posted some of his photographs. Anything else happening in the world of Minolta Manual Focus camera users? Any questions out there poised to be posted and receive various answers? (The range of opinions can be impressive!)

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins
  9. B&Jdude
    Hello Ralph and Gang. I have been operating my SRT's using the modern 625 batteries by reducing my film speed one stop. Seems to work OK, but I am interested in hearing about Terry's modifications.

    I figured that putting some sort of resistor in the battery circuit to drop the voltage to the desired 1.35 volts is what is needed, but I am not confident enough at this point to tear into my camera. Terry, let us know how you modified your camera.

    Perhaps using a smaller type 76 battery will provide enough room beside the battery for a small resistor (maybe a surface mount type) with one side soldered to a piece of metal in contact with the + side of the battery, an insuletor on top of that, then then the other side of the resistor soldered to a piece of metal on top of the insulator to make the + contact with the battery compartment & cover.

    The battery & resistor would be surrounded by an insulating ring or cup of plastic (maybe a small bottle cap?) which fills in the extra space resulting from the use of a battery which is smaller than a 625. The 76 battery would be installed by dropping it into the insulating ring/resistor assembly from the negative (-) side, insert with the camera right side up (so the battery won't fall out), hold it in place with a finger and invert the camera to screw on the battery cover.

    Now, after reviewing all the above baloney, will it work? Is it easier than making modifications inside the camera? What ohmage resistor is needed?

  10. Chaplain Jeff
    Chaplain Jeff

    Just realized this group existed!

    I have been shooting Minolta since '81 when I bought my first SLR - an XG-1. Over the years I've owned every model SLR Minolta made except an SRT and the XE. In a fit of "conviction" I got rid of all my collections, including cameras and lenses about 5 years ago and now only have cameras / lenses I use. I realized I had more cameras than I would ever use again - so I sold them to friends who would use them, not just look at them.

    That said, I've got a few and I do use them all. I have one Minolta SLR - an XG-se (couldn't find a buyer for it, so I kept it - now I'm glad I did) - and one in the wings to be repaired when I get home - an XE. I have a 28mm, f/2.0 and as well as a few other primes like a 35mm, f/2.8.

    I also shoot rangefinders - more often than the XGse - a Minolta CLE, 35 Model II and a Super A. Plus a few 7sII's for times when I want a good piece of glass without endangering the other cameras. I have numerous Rokkor-M lenses, Super Rokkor LTM and Rokkor Super A lenses. I would argue - and I think negatives would substantiate - that they perform as well as their German cousins for MUCH less of an investment. I particularly love the Super A - designed originally to compete head to head with the M3 - it is of the same caliber, build and quality (although the lens choices are unfortunately limited).

    Looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say. My guess is there's a lot of experience here. I'm looking forward to learning from it and enjoying your photos. Even if I no longer own the cameras, I enjoy reading about the experineces of those who do. There's just something about Minolta cameras that makes them "warmer" than other brands. If you're in this group, you probably know what I mean.

    Jeff M
  11. Chaplain Jeff
    Chaplain Jeff
    By the way...

    I'm looking for another 58mm, f/1.2 or f/1.4; 200mm, f/2.0; and a 300mm MC or MD if you or someone you know wants to sell one.

    I sold mine when got rid of the collection and miss these three lenses - and there really aren't RF equivalents for them (not in my price range anyway - the "under f/2 primes" cost as much as a used car!).


    Jeff M
  12. B&Jdude
    I would put some pictures on here as I have them in jpeg format on a CD, but I am so computer illiterate that I don't know how to do anything with pix on a computer. Is there a forum on APUG that teaches one how to do these things? I tried a search for such info, but didn't turn up anything.

  13. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    Chaplain Jeff; nice to see you here. Welcome to the group, and I hope all is well around your current location. Your observation about Minolta groups is interesting. Now that you have pointed it out, I realize that you are right. While it cannot be declared to be a defining characteristic that does not exist in other group types, yes, in general, the Minolta people do seem to be more social.

    B&Jdude; thank you for your posting and question. I actually typed out around a 1 and 1/2 page response on the topic you brought up. I was two sentences from completing it when . . . it just disappeared! I have no idea what happened. I did quickly make some notes of what I recalled of the general flow of the response, so I might be able to duplicate it later today.

    Right now I am headed out to buy some stuff for the cats. There is another large bag of their favorite kibble to be picked up, and some things for a little feral cat by the clinic where Debby works to help with the coming wintry blast we are expecting to arrive tonight out here in Latte Land. Snow tonight and tomorrow with temperatures in the 20's F.

    Be back soon. Enjoy; Ralph Javins
  14. B&Jdude
    Thanks, Ralph, I'll be watching out for the info on how to post pictures.

    I have a few in jpeg on a CD, ones that I shot during the fall and entered in our county fair photo contest. I will put them on the "View All Members" section at the right whenever I learn how to do it. My ignorance of the procedures to do anything with pictures on this computer is unequaled anywhere in Luddite Land! :o

  15. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill
    I go away for a bit and a big group forms. Just want to say hi everyone and welcome. I have two Minoltas a XE-7 and a SRT 202.

    Again, don't be afraid to post your Minolta generated work on the gallery to your right.
  16. B&Jdude
    Looking back at my last posting -- I didn't mean to put those photos in the "View All Members" section at right, but instead meant to say the "View Pictures" section. With my total lack of knowledge on how to put pictures on here, I have no picture of moi in the View All Members section . . . perhaps the question mark is the most acurate avatar that captures the true essence of the real me!

  17. Chaplain Jeff
    Chaplain Jeff
    Hey Ralph,

    Thanks. Actually, I was talking about Rokkor glass, but yeah - I would also agree that Minolta forums are the most friendly I've been a part of. Wonder if there's a connection? Possibly something about the look you get that attracts a certain personality type? Who knows. The good thing is, the groups and the glass are both great and enjoyable.

    Have a great one.

    Jeff M
  18. B&Jdude
    Well, I finally got s few pichures on FLICKR . . . now I have to learn how to put them in the VIEW PICTURES section below. Also, when I send an e-mail, I would love to learn how to imbed a picture and/or attach one to the e-mail.

  19. B&Jdude
    OK, I floundered around on Flickr, not knowing what I was doing, but managed to get some pix on there and put them into a set. Now I need someone who understands all this jazz to put them in the VIEW PICTURES area at the right side of the screen, and put them in the APUG Gallery.

    The set is at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/2671373...7611457556456/

    The prints were all 8x10 (or 4x10 for the panoramics) and I put them on the Wal Mart scanner kiosk, and made 4x6 prints. In order to get the whole print on the scan, I put an 11x14 mat board behind them so the machine would copy the whole picture rather than crop it to the 4x6 aspect ratio.

    That was the easy part. I have no idea how I managed to get those pictures onto Flickr, and probably would not be able to do it again . . . I wouldn't even know how to find them again on Flickr were I to lose the above link.

    EuGene Smith
    (no relation to any real photographer with such a name!)
  20. B&Jdude
    P.S. Some of the pix were made by non-Minolta MR cameras, so don't put them on the VIEW PICTURES section at the right, but they can be put in the APUG Gallery.

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