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New Acquisitions

  1. Chaplain Jeff

    Upon arrival back in the states after my 15 month tour I was greeted with several "new" toys:

    Minolta XE7 - in EXC or better condition with a LN lever advance winder (thanks Luke!)

    Rokkor-X 28mm, f/2 lens

    Rokkor-X 135mm, f/3.5 lens

    They all got a workout this past weekend at Busch Gardens VA, and the 135mm went with me to Virginia Beach yesterday as well (I only paid $8 for it, so I figured it if got ruined on my XGse, what the heck?).

    I have really enjoyed all of them. Great lenses and I have especially enjoyed the 135mm length with children - allowing me to get that look I normally go for in the studio / at home while "on the run" at the amusement park, etc.

    If somebody's looking for a 28mm, f/3.5 Rokkor-X dirt cheap, let me know. Otherwise it goes on ebay sometime next week - and I probably won't get enough to cover ebay's cut so I'd rather it go to someone who wants it here.

    Anybody else got any "new" gear they're shooting?

    What'd y'all shoot (and with what gear) over the weekend?

    Looking forward to hearing from the group!

    Jeff M
  2. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Chaplain Jeff;

    Welcome home. Nice to have you back. Appropriate that you should return on this particular weekend.

    I took the X-700 with a Tamron zoom lens with me to a family type gathering in Northeast Oregon this weekend. When one of the two sisters who spearhead this annual gathering noticed what I was carrying with me, I was pressed into service to get photos of as many of the people present as I could. I did not have enough film with me to do that, so I switched to the digital cameras and began gathering. There were about 350 people there on Sunday. I did get a lot of them, but I know some were missed.

    The Memorial Day Flag Ceremony they had was well done and performed by some of the veterans present. One of them was in his wheelchair. This was not a ceremony at a military cemetery with news reporters and cameras. These were real people and relatives of some of the guys who did not come home. Inside the building was a space dedicated to things the family members had brought for those guys. Proof of their status was demonstrated by one item in the upper left corner of the space; a boxed flag from one guy's last ceremony.

    Again, nice to have you back home with us, Jeff.

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins
  3. unohuu
    Yes, Jeff. While I was searching for replacement parts, I found an XD-5 that needs a bit (tiny wee bit) of work. It will be my summer project (or eventual parts camera). Then there are those other brands that I shoot that practically leapt into my bag (N90s).
  4. Chaplain Jeff
    Chaplain Jeff
    I always wanted the XD-11 to be my favorite camera. It's the one I drooled over in junior high and high school in the Sears catalogue. Bought a black one about 7 years ago and was just not happy with the XD series. No complaints, but I never grew attached to it. The pre-Program Mode thing was just too weird to understand or trust and I had by that time learned that the less stuff on a camera (or car, stereo, etc.) the less things to go wrong. The XD-11 was just too busy for me.

    I am really loving my XE though! It is the camera I should've bought in 2000. If I had, I wouldn't have needed another Minolta body (not saying I still wouldn't have gotten the others! ). The thing is silky smooth and shoots better than the XK. Better body size as well.

    One thing for the XD series though - it's easily the most photogenic camera Minolta made. Last of the all metal bodies, black with motordrive (well, autowinder, anyway). Beautiful!

  5. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill
    Welcome back Jeff and enjoy the XE-7.
  6. B&Jdude
    Welcome home, Jeff.

    I just dropped $30 for some lenses - 50, 58, & 100mm Minoltas and an 18mm Vivitar. Gotta load up a couple of the SRT's and head out to test the lenses. More later.

  7. wayne naughton
    wayne naughton
    Glad to have you back in one piece Jeff.... Not much news on the analogue front from me. Spent most of this year wrestling with new digi/studio gear and some mf stuff. Did pick up a 800si and a little minoltina rf tho.....
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