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Minolta 570 Question

  1. Chaplain Jeff

    I have just received a "new" (like new, actually - still have the plastic on the bottom) Minolta 570, MD-1 and 70-210mm, f/4 zoom and have a question.

    The top arrow of the shutter speed / meter inside the viewfinder (NOT the "A", mind you) is flashing and I am not getting a meter reading in A - and not getting a recommended meter reading in M.

    Does this mean the batteries are low? It has been 19 years since I lost my x700 - and from reaing both manuals, I don't think they respond the same way anyway, so what little I remember about the 700 wouldn't help me here.

    The manual states that when the batteries are low the "A" or "M" will blink - but maybe that shifted at some point in production? I know that Minolta manuals are famous for bad / rough translations - perhaps this is one of those instaces?

    Anyway, by the time someone responds, I will have bought some new batteries - my real question is that if it's NOT the batteries, what else might it be?

    Thanks and let me know.

  2. eggyj
    Generally that indicates shutter speed out of range. If you have set the ISO to 3200 (top of x-570 range) the top arrow will flash even under indoor light (cameras trying to set speed > 1/1000 second).
    The arrows might flash if the capacitor is going out - but I am not trained in camera servicing. I recall an XG-M did that to me and needed to be serviced.

    Ed Gill

    P.S. Welcome back
  3. Focus No. 9
    Focus No. 9
    Just joined. And I have the same problem,,,but I've pretty well determined that its the batteries. I can see the blinking, i can release the shutter,,,this last about 3-4 minutes then the cam dies. On my way to Radio Shack.
    I know this post is from 2009 so no need to bother with me, however if Chaplain Jeff is still with us... Thank You for Your Service!!!
  4. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Focus No. 9;

    Welcome to the Minolta Manual Focus Group also.

    Your description does sound like tired batteries. The classic sign of a dead shutter capacitor (the one in the bottom) is the viewfinder display looks fine, but it will not fire the shutter and the display goes out also.

    And, I also hope that Chaplain Jeff Matsler is still with us, although I have not heard all that much from him in recent months. Perhaps this will prompt a response from him.

    And, there is also a Minolta X-570 here living in among the X-700's. With all of the great press the X-570 gets for its display of the selected shutter speed rather than the recommended shutter speed, I wanted to see if there really is that much of a difference. For me, there never has been a real problem with the X-700 display. All I need to do is remember what shutter speed I set on the dial. That is no different from back in the days of the old Minolta SR-1b.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
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