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A blown capacitor isn't always a blown capacitor

  1. Christopher Walrath
    Well. I have acquired a total of four XG-1's since March. The first came with the 45mm pancake lens and the ebay seller said she had not tested it but it was not listed as-is. So when I get it and it doesn't work, we split the difference. So a couple of weeks later I'm looking at the thing hoping that the Minolta fairy had come along and doinked it in the viewfinder. I noticed the shutter curtain was slightly ajar and cocked a bit. I pressed slightly on the outer curtain and it slid over on the spring tension. I pressed on the inner curtain and it slid over and the mirror slapped down. Camera works fine.

    Got three more this week listed 'as-is' for $30 dollars. Tested them and all three are perfectly functional. While I was testing I tested the shutter release cable/socket function in the 'A'-automatic mode. Tripped the shutter. The mirror stayed locked up in 'A' mode. Turned the S/S dial through the speeds from 1000 down to 1 and when I clicked it to 'B' the mirror slapped down.

    So, two shutter/mirror reset faults not related to electronics.

    1. shutter curtains slightly misaligned. Slight pressure could reset the shutter/mirror.

    2. shutter released by cable in 'A' mode. Move S/S dial to 'B' and the shutter/mirror should reset.

    If anyone else has possible quick fixes that were stumbled upon post them here.
  2. Christopher Walrath
    Christopher Walrath
    sr-T101. Faulty timer preventing shutter release. Set timer. If timer runs out of tension before completion and must be forced over then do the following.

    1. With timer all the way over, take a paper clip and insert into the cable release lug.
    2. While pressing down, so as to release the shutter, advance and revert the film crank lever a couple of times.

    That should free up the shutter mechanism. The timer must be repaired or remain unused. But the exposure features should be fine.
  3. Christopher Walrath
    Christopher Walrath
    This is not a recommended repair procedure. For a jammed shutter that will still work under the following circumstances.

    If . . .
    1. If the shutter will fire with a cable,
    2. If the shutter will not fire with the button,
    3. If the film crank will not advance on its own and
    4. If the film crank will advance while depressing the shutter button

    then smack the crank end of the camera on a carpeted floor a few times. I mean if it's a boat anchor anyway, might as well take a crack at it. This freed up the shutter button mechanism and allows the camera shutter to fire by using the button, not just the cable release.
  4. micwag2
    I knew a few of these tricks already but they're good info to share. I don't know if i like the idea of smacking it on the floor but if it's already a boat anchor what've you got to lose? I picked up an XG-1 at a thrift store for $2 but someone already opened it up and its toast. I have SRT 101's, 201's, and a 200.
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