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f/ in viewfinder

  1. Jimi, Jim and Janis
    This is my first post in this group so let me give it up to Minolta for breaking barriers in photographic history. They made the best focusing screens.

    Anyways, on my x-700 in the viewfinder where it should display the aperture is just blank. Anyone have a solution that doesnt involve taking it to a repair shop, I live in a remote area. Thanks
  2. Mike Wilde
    Mike Wilde
    the usual 'dumb' suggestions.

    clean the batteries and battery contacts.

    verify the batteries have some energy - like make the little beeper beep in self timer mode (if it is that alive) or by trying to take a shot that requires a slower shutter than 1/30 in P (I think it does that; my x-700 has passd on a few years ago, and I liked the x-570 better, so I bought a pair.
  3. Christopher Walrath
    Christopher Walrath
    If I recall, it is a similar setup to my XG-M's in that it is merely a mirror image of the number on the aperture ring of your lens and there are four possibilities for this occurring, that being the case. 1. you are in a dim or dark place and there is not enough light to reflect from the aperture ring and thus through the viewfinder for you to see it. 2. the mirror is misaligned or somehow damaged in which case you simply need to take your eye away and look down at the lens to determine you aperture setting. 3. there is some dirt in the way and may be able to be removed from the outside. And 4. the numbers on the lens have worn to the point where you cannot discern them visually through the viewfinder.

    I do not think this is an electrical feature. Just mirrors, and in your case, maybe a little smoke. In the way, I mean.
  4. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Jimi, Jim, and Janis;

    First off, which one are you? And, are we participating in a seance?

    Next, Chris' assessment is correct. You have a simple optical problem, perhaps caused by a mechanical difficulty. Normally when you look into the viewfinder port, you will see the selected lens "f" number displayed in the small rectangular port in the center at the bottom of the viewfinder screen. This is a small optical system that is looking down at the top of the lens where the numbers of the aperture ring on the lens are shown. This is not an electrical problem. You should be able to see the aperture setting on the lens even when there is not a battery in the bottom of the Minolta X-700, and there is a lens cap on the front of the lens.

    If you take off the lens and look up under the front of the pentaprism housing right above the top center of the lens mounting flange where the RED dot is located, you should be able to see the little rectangular window that looks down onto the lens aperture setting number. You should be able to see back through the pentaprism housing and out the back of the viewfinder port through this little optical system. If truly you cannot see anything either way, then you have something blocking the view, something is misaligned, or something is missing. Probably the cure will involve taking off the top of the X-700 and the pentaprism housing. See your X-700 Service Manual for this procedure.

    Again, this is not an electrical problem.


    Ralph; Latte Land, Washington
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