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XE-7 batteries

  1. sgluck
    My XE-7 which I haven't usewd for a long time seems to have its battery dead. Camera fires, needle doesn't move. Shutter releases when battery pack is removed. Which is the best 1.5 volt (x2) or 3 volt battery to use ?
  2. Christopher Walrath
    Christopher Walrath
    I use Duracell D375B's in all my X- Minoltas. I know I probably should find something slightly more voltage-correct, but no probs thus far.
  3. Gary 5063
    Gary 5063
    My experience with decades-long ownership of an XE-7 shows that only silver-oxide batteries work well in this camera. I used Varta SR44 batteries. I assume any of the 1.55-volt silver oxides are probably fine. Alkalines and the single-cell 3V lithiums seem to not work well, if at all.
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