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Have you displayed

  1. Focus No. 9
    While writing a previous post a thought appeared within the depleating gray matter.

    Have you ever displayed a work of art you created using your camera? I've framed a few snaps, but I've yet to hang photo-art.
  2. Cork
    We have created some 20x30's and hung them in the house, if that's what you mean.
  3. Focus No. 9
    Focus No. 9
    Yes Cork that is exactly what I was referring to. Care to share what you have hung; such as Landscape, Portraits, B&W, etc.
  4. Cork
    Well, once the kids came our photography shifted rather dramatically to people shots, including portraits. Some of my favorites include a magnificent B&W portrait that my wife Kelly took of me playing piano; I'm biased but it's a wonderful shot. (Some day I need to dig up that negative and scan it.) I have a decent color portrait of Kelly looking over her shoulder that is one of the best I've taken; but when you have a magnificent subject it's tough to get a bad picture. (grin) We have displayed various photos of the kids - some artistic and others not so much. Kelly made a large aperture head shot of our daughter as a baby belly down on the floor that's very nice. I caught our youngest running in the house, hair flying and a look of absolute glee on his face; it captured the spirit of the imp even though it was just a grab shot. As I think on it, the people shots we hang on the walls are the ones that captured the spirit of the subject at that point in time. Not all are 20x30's by the way. We don't have that much open wall space!

    Before kids (and marriage) I would put up favorite landscape and architectural photos; I've dabbled in wildlife photography but so far none of that has been hung in the house. My brother-in-law has a number of B&W shots from their travels in Europe hung throughout their house, so we aren't alone in our family in putting up our photos.
  5. hoffy
    Do Photography Club comps count? I have shown one with limited results
  6. Focus No. 9
    Focus No. 9
    hoffy, I was after the shot(s) you admired most and spent the time/money to develop/print/frame and hang in a place of honor(your home, a relative or friend). If the club presentation was eventually hung on your wall then yes. On another note...why not upload the shot into this group album and tell us about it? That would be cool.
  7. Focus No. 9
    Focus No. 9
    Cork, your brief history about your photos on the wall was a good read. I like off the cuff moments on film as well. Ah heck I like most genre. Thanks for telling us more about your hobby.
  8. hoffy
    I will, just in a week or two (It was also part of the Postcard Exchange - I want people to receive their cards before I display here)
  9. Joe O'Brien
    Joe O'Brien
    I've had a couple pieces in shows, and I'm part of an upcoming art fair. Some of my d**i**l stuff I have matted and given to people as gifts, I dont know if that counts?
  10. Christopher Walrath
    Christopher Walrath
    I had a local photo lab ask to make a print of one of my shots of Bodie Island Lighthouse (the one in my gallery). They had hung it on the wall and it actually generated a few sales. Not much mind you. But it was cool. I went for film one evening and an admirer of the print was at the counter and we talked at length about things. Really neat.
  11. Cork

    Great story. That sort of positive feedback is a rare experience indeed. Very cool.

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