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Minota MD 135mm f=2.8 Lens

  1. upnorthcyclist
    Hi all,
    I recently purchased an XD-11. I have owned an SRT-102 for decades and have a nice little kit of MC prime lenses, but now I'm on the prowl for MD lenses for the new (to me) camera.

    One of my favorite MC lenses is the venerable 135mm f=2.8 Rokkor-X. I want to get the same lens in the MD version.

    I've done some research and the early MD version was, indeed, the same 4 elements in 4 groups configuration as my MC but at some point Minolta changed it to a much lighter 5 elements in 5 groups version. I don't know if the newer lens' photo quality is better or worse, but I'd really like to get the same lens configuration as the one I have, as it is such a terrific, versatile lens.

    What , if any, are the differences in physical appearance or labeling between the MD 4/4 lens and the MD 5/5 lens? I know that, eventually, the lens came out with the X-700 switch, but it appears that there is a version that is 5/5 without the switch, which I'd like to avoid. When I say physical appearance, I mean something I can see from lousy pictures on that popular internet auction site.

    Thanks in advance for any help the group can offer. The difference between the versions may be something that is embarrassingly obvious - I just don't want to find it out the hard way...

    Best regards,
  2. upnorthcyclist
    Right after I posted this, I found a picture out there in cyberspace. All clear now!

  3. Cork
    Can you post the link? I have two and both are the old-style MD Rokkor-X versions. I weighed them both to be sure. (grin)

    By the way, congrats on the XD-11! I love mine.
  4. upnorthcyclist
    Hi Cork,


    Haven't had much quality time with the new XD-11, but it sure feels nice. Makes my beloved SRT-102 feel a bit brickish and my DSLR feel like, well, more like a DSLR...

  5. Cork
    Thanks, Mike. I do enjoy Peter Serbe's comments on lenses even if I don't always agree with them.

    I'm using my XD-11's to teach my three teenagers "real" photography, and wonder whether I'm spoiling them by starting them with one of the better cameras made. (grin) But the feel is so superb, particularly compared to their digital P&S (or PoS), that they are hooked.

  6. upnorthcyclist
    Hi again,

    Here's another picture that's even better:


    MD 4/4 on left, MD 5/5 in center, MD 5/5 with switch on right.

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