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Mod 54 using old 3 reel paterson tank

  1. Film Guerilla
    Hey guys! I just want to share what i did with mod54 using the old paterson 3 reel tank. I've been able to develop sheets. Although i use a little mod so i could fit the mod54 in the old tank without wiggle/movements when invertion method is used. Also i made it sure i could use the twizzle stick so no developer is wasted.

    here are some pics of the simple mod.

    I added a small tube at the top (black film canister 2.3cm height).

    Here is the result. Sorry for the image since i just used lx5 and my wife's ipad 2 to scan the negative. The sepia tone is caused by the colour settings i used when i took the picture.

    This photo was taken using a Pacemaker Speed Graphic 4x5 + 210mm Schneider Symmar-S. The film used was Arista.Edu Ultra souped in Ilsofol S processed using mod54 with the old 3 reel tank. Twizzel stick was used here no invertion.

    So far, i just had problem loading the sheets to the processor and scrathes on some film. It's my first try (test) so it was expected. I finally got familiar loading sheets with a dummy film. It's very easy! practised like 10 minutes loading the sheets without looking on the processor. It was a breeze! i'm very happy with this processor! Looking forward to shoot more 4x5 here in iran!
  2. Morgan ~ MOD54
    Morgan ~ MOD54
    Good work, just keep an eye on the ridges. I do sand every one, but you may need to give them a little rub down if your getting scratches.
  3. Film Guerilla
    Film Guerilla
    thanks morgan! what a pretty neat invention! i wonder if its possible to make a 5x7 or atleast 8x10 version of this for a bigger paterson tank? hehe
  4. Morgan ~ MOD54
    Morgan ~ MOD54
    At the mo, i'm just concentrating on one MOD at the time.
  5. CarolEverhart
    This boy looks so cute...!
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