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MOD54 Project 001- View from the front door.

  1. Morgan ~ MOD54
    The mod 54 users are spread all over the world, it would be interesting to get a glimpse of tihs.


    Please shoot the view from the entrance to your home.

    Post the pictures here, or email them to me. morgan@mod54.com
  2. Film Guerilla
    Film Guerilla
    can i see sample? would it be ok if its taken on a veranda or something ?
  3. Morgan ~ MOD54
    Morgan ~ MOD54
    Ok so if you live in a flat it still has to be your front door so this can also be the door by which you enter the building, or the front door to your flat, i can see a series of great corridor shots.

    Here is the view from my door, looking out to the right.
  4. Film Guerilla
    Film Guerilla
    too bad we are living in a condo type house. the front door doesn't have any good view. in our veranda i can shoot there
  5. Morgan ~ MOD54
    Morgan ~ MOD54
    i bet it does have a good view. Try it and lets see.
  6. trotkiller
    I'll do this, one I get my hands on a Paterson tank
  7. StephenSteinke
    View of my door
  8. CarolEverhart
    I will try this one.
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