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Streaking on Negs

  1. Morgan ~ MOD54
    Streaking on Negs~

    I'm working on this and will post an in depth test next week BUT its to do with the type of dev and air bubble formation.

    To process-
    Use ID11 or Rodinal (more to come)
    Agitate according to dev instructions
    Give the tank a good double tap after every agitation
    Development process should be at least 6mins.

    I'll post a list of ones that don't work soon.
    Let me know how you get on, but this should solve the problem.


  2. Film Guerilla
    Film Guerilla
    hi morgan,

    like what i posted here in the group. i had good result when using the twizzle stick. i don't like to use the inversion method since there is quite a leakage in the old paterson tank when doing that.
    just want to share so people could try this method as well.

    thanks for the great product. hopefully i could process the 6 sheets i exposed last week soon and update you guys!
  3. Gavin R
    Gavin R
    Morgan. Thank you for the group, a great idea.
    Would is be possible/wise to get some images up showing the MOD54 anomalies, such as this streaking and the sanding down of the ridges mentioned in a group post further down? It would be great to have a thread that relates to all MOD54 mods.


  4. Film Guerilla
    Film Guerilla
    hi guys!

    just an update! i just processed 2 batches lately using ilfosol s and stick method. i noticed some streaks in some of my negs but i think it was because i didn't managed to load the sheets properly on one side. second and third sheets wasn't load properly (overlapped in 1 ridge) so maybe it affects the flow of chemistry inside when agitated. not bad though i expect these kind of problems since i'm new using the processor.

    i just need to practise more and familiarise loading sheets properly.

    ps: i will try to post some images later.
  5. Film Guerilla
    Film Guerilla
    hey guys!

    this was developed using the same method as mentioned a while ago but this batch was only 4 sheets. i don't know why..

  6. Film Guerilla
    Film Guerilla
    i know that shot is from a pinhole camera. but a lot of my sheets from the 2 batches got some streaks. it might be the improper loading but again this batch was developed with only 4 sheets in the processor. invertion method is stick 3 rotation every 30 seconds.. i tap the tank after every agitation.

    i will try to post another pic from speed graphic later.
  7. Morgan ~ MOD54
    Morgan ~ MOD54
    Have you tried agitating it normally?
  8. Film Guerilla
    Film Guerilla
    i will try to use that method next process morgan and see if i still get streaking. the first process i made was fine but these 2 batches after i got streaking. is it with the agitation or pouring chems? should i prewash my film as well?

    thank you!
  9. Film Guerilla
    Film Guerilla
    hi guys! these are the images i'm talking about.. i think the problem would be my method of processing..
    i should've added presoaking. i've done my homework about bromide drag and other method of processing because of this.

    now i will add presoaking to my method and add a little agitation as well.. i'll update you guys if i ever got this again.

  10. Morgan ~ MOD54
    Morgan ~ MOD54
    Love the pics, what dev are you using? what way round are you placing the MOD54 in? and finally you are using the central column?


  11. jcc
    I do a pre-soak with agitation, then develop with Ilfotec HC. In the same tank, I have Ilford HP5+ 400, and Kodak TMax 400. The Ilford has streaks (and sometimes it looks like there's soap residue), and the Kodak comes out perfect and clean as a whistle. I'm baffled!
  12. Morgan ~ MOD54
    Morgan ~ MOD54
    I've spent alot of time testing this and in most cases if you get streaking it occurs in the inner most sheets. It only occurs with lots of light grey, like sky scenes, otherwise its not noticeable.

    If your shooting landscapes with very even skys its best to just process without the inner sheets in.

    Hope that helps.

  13. StephenSteinke
    Hope it may helps
  14. CarolEverhart
    Excellent! Really great...!
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