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B&W film favorite

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  1. TareqPhoto
    Hey all,

    I would like to ask, if you have to choose 1 or 2 B&W films for all the time, which one or 2 will you choose? for all formats [35mm up to large format]

    I am sure many will favorite Tri-X, me too, but then i am not sure if i have to choose HP5+ or Acros 100 or something else[TMAX & Delta are top priority].
  2. PLynch
    I would choose TMAX. If I could count a paper as my 2nd I would pick Harman Direct Positive Fibre paper. I got into photography shortly before TMAX came out. It was easy for me to make the switch. I was not to set in my ways and I liked the TMAX developer.
  3. TareqPhoto
    That's fine, in fact i started with TMAX films as well, and still i have them and will use them when necessary, it was nothing much easier than using TMAX film with TMAX developer and the results were always great for me, but now i am trying to give Tri-X more tests and i will use D-76/XTOL as my main dev for now.
  4. spenzer
    I have been using Ilford Delta 100 and 400 for years and am really happy with it. I also use the Ilford chems, and happy with those as well.
    Have you used these and how do they compare to TMAX?

  5. TareqPhoto
    I used Dleta 100 and 400 few times and liked the results, i was using Ilfosol 3 and TMAX developers with them until i changed to D-76 and again great results, i really prefer Ilford over Kodak films of same iso speed, i maybe prefer HP5+ over Delta 400, and i will try Microphen dev later with Ilford medium to fast speed films and see the results.
  6. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    For 35mm, my old favorite was EKCo FX-32 Panatomic-X with Microdol-X. EKCo TX-400 Tri-X was my second choice, mainly for the greater range and speed it provided. I dunked it in Microdol-X also. After EKCo dropped FX-32, I went to TP-25 Technical Pan. Now that is gone also along with Microdol-X. Now I am trying XTOL as a developer and also beginning to work with Adox CMS-25 and CHS-20 with their developers. At least TX-400 is still here. With my old Honeywell-Heiland Strobonar flash, I could take a photograph out to 1000 feet with TX-400 at f/1.4 at night. I did that once, mainly to show that I could, but most often I just went out to about 250 to 300 feet.

    The Adox CHS-20 slowed down to ASA 5 is what I have been using for lens testing. That way I can test a lens at f/1.4 outside in normal sunlight (a repeatable and reproduceable lighting condition) with a camera all of us can still buy.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  7. TareqPhoto
    Cool Ralph, lucky you that you had used old films in the past, most of those films i don't now about unless you mention them, i came late to the film, started to shoot just this year, so definitely a lot of films were discontinued and i have to use what is available now [and slowly few are discont. as well], so great to hear your experience :-)

    I use T-Max 100 almost exclusively for B/W. I send it to Dr5 and he makes it into B/W slides. It's a good crisp film.
  9. alan951
    Hi all, I started with T-Max, used Delta. But my favorite is Efke 25 and 50 I like that old formulation.
  10. jphotos
    I like to try different B&W films, but I tend to use a lot of Ilford as far as tried and true goes.

    I also use Efke for my SpeedGraphic--or I will, anyway, once I learn how to work it
  11. Iantoz
    Hi, I am new to this group but I just have to say that I like the Lucky HSD, I develop it in caffenol and I like the results. I use a Canon EOS 5 for my 35mm and a recently bought Kowa 6 for my 120, as a retired man of little means I have a lot of fun on a budget.
  12. Iantoz
    I have just added a scanned photo of a dragon, it was taken with a Canon EOS 5

  13. Silvertooth
    Hi all,

    I, too, am new to this group but thought I would jump in. Like Ralph, I used Kodak Technical Pan. It was by far my film of choice for years. If I wanted "high speed" film I would use AgfaPan 100 in Rodinal--grainy but beautiful. I am about to order some Adox of some sort, not sure what to get yet. Did they simply buy most of the Agfa recipes?

  14. R.Gould
    I mainly use Fomapan 400, developed i Rodinal, beautiful results
  15. BradleyK
    For my medium format shooting, I have been a long time PanF Plus user. In the winter months, however, I generally switch to FP4 Plus. When my present stash of both runs out, I am going to give Delta 100 a spin.

    For my 35mm shooting, the bulk of my work is done with HP5 Plus/Tri-x (I use the two interchangeably); recently, though, I have begun shooting with Delta 3200.
  16. Spoons
    Minox 8x11: Pan F. MF: Acros 100 & Tri-X. Sheet: FP4 & Tri-X. XTOL dev works well with all these.
  17. TareqPhoto
    OK, after long time i didn't post here, i came up with some favorite films of myself choice:
    Acros100, TMAX400, HP5+, Pan F+ and FP4+

    My favorite developers so far of what i used are: TMAX, HC-110 and Ilfosol. Later i will test XTOL, Diafine, Caffenol and maybe Pyrocat-HD if i get it and see if i will prefer one of those i didn't use yet, i have D-76, it is ok but not that favorite yet, also i have ID-11 which is same as D-76 and also Microphen which i bought for Ilford fast film specially Delta 3200.
  18. lensworker
    Tri-X has been my favorite for the last two years - it's all I have used.

    Fuji Acros is an interesting film, though. I think it would be a good choice for making big prints (20" or larger on the long side). I have been poking at the idea of giving Acros a try for large print landscape applications, especially with my XPAN.
  19. Larry L
    Larry L
    I've been shooting the TMax films for many years. Tmax 100 in 35mm and Tmax 400 in 120 and 4X5, given I have to used TMax RS for sheet film I develop all my TMax films in the RS. My favorite film of all time was the Kodak Technical Pan film developed in Technidol. Sadly, I used my last roll this summer. Enlargement could easily go to 16 X 20 off a 35mm negative I've even cropped the negative some onto that large a print with excellent results. Just purchased two rolls of Rollei ATP 1.1; marketed as a Technical Pan replacement. Quite pricy with the associated developer - but I fear that is where we're headed in B&W films.
  20. pkaren62
    Here goes - my first posting on the forums!

    It really depends what you want to get from your images. I use a range of films depending on what I'm trying to achieve.

    For 35mm and 120, I love Ilford Pan-F Plus because of its really fine grain. It's slow, though, at ISO 50.
    Ilford FP-4 is a happy medium - nice grain and faster at ISO 125 although I tend to use it rated at ISO 80.
    I use HP5 if I need the extra speed.
    I almost always use a tripod so I'm less sensitive to speed.

    For 120 using 3 films is not an issue since I have multiple backs. For 35mm where your choice is made for 36 frames, I tend to stick with FP-4 - a nice balance of grain and speed.

    For 4x5 I primarily use Tri-X because of its tonal range. I use it rated at ISO 160.
    I also use FP-4 for its finer grain, generally rated at 80 but depends on the specific situation.

    For printing images, perfect focus finding with Pan-F Plus is entertaining (but eminently achievable) since the grain is so fine. The others are easier.

    I'm an Ilford girl through-and-through. Fibre-based. I've tried the new classic and I love it.

    Good luck with your selection
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