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  1. Uncle Bill
    I was born and spent the first 12 years of my life in Montreal. I still root for the Habs just to annoy all my friends who support the Leafs.
  2. Michel Hardy-Vallée
    Michel Hardy-Vallée
    I was not born in Montréal, but my parents were. I always considered myself a Montrealer, even before I lived there. Of course, when I moved from my country hellhole to the city, I was a stranger, a country bumpkin, but I eventually learned the ways of urbanity.
  3. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill
    What I miss from the Montreal of my youth: The original Chalet BBQ Chicken (not Swiss Chalet) on Decarie, Coloseum Pizza on Rue Westminster in my old neighbourhood of Montreal West/Ouest and real Montreal smoked meat. Let's not forget a NHL team that acually won Stanley Cups in my lifetime.
  4. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill
    I grew up in Montreal West/Ouest where Sherbrooke begins in the west end. It was a great neighbourhood to grow up in. I found it a tough transition when the family moved the suburbs of Toronto.
  5. Krockmitaine
    Hello all!
    Join the group.
    Same storyline as mhv I guess
  6. Krockmitaine
    Ok, time to stir up this group.
    Next week, I move back to Montreal
    Anyone doing something in October?
    How about the Jardin botanique? There is an exposition of Chinese lanterns till the end of the month. Night time exposure galore

  7. Michel Hardy-Vallée
    Michel Hardy-Vallée
    Yeah, the thing I don't like about the groups is that they do not show up in the list of news posts for the forums, so I keep forgetting....

    October, well the leaves are turning colourful on the Mont-Royal, and the Football season will end soon with the Grey Cup.
  8. Pasto

    I've been a member of APUG for about 4 years or so but just noticed the Montreal group! Well, it's good to know that there are some traditional enthusiasts in the city. With the dwindling selection at L.L.Lauzeau, I was begining to think I was the only one.

    So, as an introduction, I'm a father of three, teacher, psychologists, and former research scientist for the department of National Defence. My interest in photography began when I was about 10 years old with my father's Kodak instamatic. I've been at it, more or less non-stop , since then (about 30 years). About 2 years ago I finally built a darkroom I'm hapy with. I have a lot of learning to do with regard to making pictures but I am enthusiastic about it.

    Looking forward to reading about the other members in this group.

  9. Krockmitaine
    Hi Louie,
    Welcome to APUG.
    Sad but true, the film section at Lauzau is becoming thinner by the minute, but you can still buy Kodachrome. And the new Ektar is on the shelf.

    Welcome to APUG!

  10. Michel Hardy-Vallée
    Michel Hardy-Vallée

    Amir Khadir got elected in my riding just a few minutes ago! It's the first time tiny Québec Solidaire sends someone to the parliament. Now we're 100% orange: QS provincial, and NDP federal.

    Back on topic, Lozeau's film shelves haven't got thinner over the last few years, but the chemistry and accessories have.

    I worked at Lozeau this summer, and had the chance to go sniff in their backstore. Found some rare colour chemistry kits there...
  11. Krockmitaine
    That guy worked hard for years before being elected.
    A new voice and an indication that we have a healthy political system.

    And I agree that the shelves of accessories and chemicals are getting thinner.
  12. Mfoucault
    hello y'all...
    just bought my Pentax K1000, apparently everyone's got this model...funny,
    i got a couple of lenses, 50mm, 24mm, and a 70-200...but theyre really bad ones...produced by some company called Image...i'm trying to get some nice used lenses for it...craigslist is dry, and camtec/royalphoto/simon's are all out of good material...any pawn shop or anything to get better ones?
  13. accozzaglia
    I know this group gets very little attention, but I suppose I'll drop a line here. I am moving to Montréal this autumn for graduate study at McGill. I'm looking at places east of campus to probably Préfontaine and as far north as Jean-Talon. I visited once last December and really enjoyed being there. The food variety and opening hours simply put Toronto to shame.

    As I get to know la ville de cent clochers better, I will want to find the places which still accommodate film photographers. Where should I go for used cameras, camera repair, film variety, and anything else? Are there any local photography groups which meet periodically?

    If anyone reads this in the near future, I'll greatly value whatever advice you have. Thanks!
  14. accozzaglia
    Hi all --

    I have opened a forum topic on the Toronto sub-forum to ask the moderators to create a Montréal/province de Québec sub-forum. I would like to see a place where social networking for film photographers in Montréal and throughout the province could participate. If you would like to chime in on this, please leave your reply on that forum topic. Merci!
  15. Photo-gear
    Amazingly last Fall, I have met in person Uncle Bill in Toronto - who sold me at that time some Rodinal that were not available in Montréal - and now on the net in the Montréal Group !!! Film photography has been now my passion for the last three years. I keep learning as I keep shooting. So much fun. I cannot figure out how come I missed the point all those years without films & gears...
    Yours Friendly,
  16. Silver Halide / Zone
    Silver Halide / Zone
    Doesn't seem to be a lot going on with this group. I'm here near Montreal, live on the south shore in the Chateauguay valley. I shot only film for my serious photo stuff, but I do have a pocket digital camera for snap shots and family stuff. It would be nice to chat with other people in this area who are still using film.

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