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Durst M700 enlarger

  1. Silver Halide / Zone
    Hi All

    I'm sort of new to APUG, and this group. I live in the Montreal area. I've been involved with photography and imaging for the past 20 years. My real passion in photography is shooting IR film. Or in general shooting B&W film. I'm pretty well equipped, complete full time darkroom, + Nikon F3's and 4x5 camera.

    When I started out setting up my darkroom I purchased a Durst M700 enlarger. There were bits and parts missing plus a real crappy lens, but I managed to get all that taken care of. Then I came across a Durst L1200, which is what I use now.

    All this to say I'd like to find a home for this enlarger. Its a real solid piece of equipment, Durst was manufactured in Germany, and designed to last for generations.

    This enlarger comes complete ready to use. If interested to doing your own darkroom work, or if you might know someone, please feel free to contact me.
    I can be contacted directly at marc.huot@bell.net

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