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C41 sheet film processing in Montreal

  1. Pasto
    I'm thinking of shooting my next project with colour 4x5 sheet film. I'm wondering where I could get this processed in Montreal, and the cost. I may end up doing it myself if the cost is too great. Any info would be appreciated.

  2. Michel Hardy-Vallée
    Michel Hardy-Vallée
    Hey Luigi,

    There are a few major pro labs in Montréal, your best bet would be to go either to LL Lozeau, Photo Service, or Boréalis. You can find their websites on http://lozeau.com/ ; http://photoservice.ca/ ; and http://www.borealislab.qc.ca/
  3. mrred
    I would not try LL Lozeau. I just got some stuff back from them that was riddled with scratches and fingerprints. Scratches I can understand, as that would be from a machine. Finger prints are from people not waring gloves. That's just nasty.
  4. xddorox
    I've had 6x9 color 120 processed by Foto Royal this week on Rosemont which has the film processed at photoservice and the job was excellent. Film and CD transfer came to $11 tax included. Service was zombie like however. These guys are just spaced out and not giving a frak.
  5. StephenSteinke
    Hi Luigi,
  6. galactic.surfeur
    +1 for Borealis ! Very nice people and professionals !
  7. CarolynArteaga
    Congratz for your new film
  8. Pasto
    Glad to see a new post to my old thread. Actually, since I posted about C-41 processing I've been so discouraged with the quality of processing from local labs that I decided to do all my own processing. I already had a JOBO ATL2000 for Black and White so doing C41 was pretty straightforward. I now buy the Tetenol C41 press kits from B&H and use them with 120, 4x5, and soon with 8x10 color film. I'm really looking forward to contact printing with Ektar 8x10
  9. ArgentixCa
    Hi Luigi
    Be patient, I should have news on the C41 control strips soon!
  10. bkarasek

    The odd time that I shoot Fuji Provia 100 8x10 color reversal, I have used Boréalis and I have been very happy with the work.
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