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Santa Fe scenes

  1. mts
    I started this group with an avatar of the Santa Fe Farmer's Market. There is a new permanent building for the market in the railyard and it's a good spot to start a day excursion to photograph the city.
  2. Perry Way
    Perry Way
    I'm strongly considering leaving San Luis Obispo, California and moving to San Luis, Colorado, which I'm sure you know is the same region you're talking about for this group as the San Luis Valley which Taos is on the southeastern edge of is in both Colorado and New Mexico. So, I'm thinking I need to visit first. Might have to check out that farmer's market. What's the scene like in Santa Fe and Taos for NEW artist entries? Would like to find a way to get my prints inside some of those numerous galleries.
  3. Tempt f8
    Tempt f8
    I got to study with Joe McNally at the Santa Fe Photography Workshop a few years ago... just a gorgeous place! I love the 'Georgia O'Keefe' landscape of northern New Mexico and would love to get back someday.
  4. Klainmeister
    I live in Santa Fe, can I be part of the club!?
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