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New to Group

  1. archieswell
    Greeting All,

    I saw the OM cult group and had to join, yes I am a dedicated Olympus user.

    I have owned an OM-1 since 1978 and have been adding to it slowly since then. My equipment includes an additional OM-1, 3 Olympus lenses and 3 other lenses for the OM. My latest acquisition to the OM family is the E410 digital SLR and it's all important OM adapter. Digital is good, kind of over it, but analogue is something special. Time to dust off the old developing equipment and enlarger and get back into the dark! (literally).

    I only joined APUG yesterday and hope this is the beginning of a revolution.

  2. mopar_guy
    A warm welcome to you. I hope that you don't mind the two weeks it took to get a reply.

  3. archieswell
    Not at all....
  4. Chris Sweetman
    Chris Sweetman
    Welcome to the revolution archieswell!

    Cheers Chris
  5. archieswell
    Thanks Chris,
    I think our OM's aren't valued enough.
    I wish I could say the same about the D-SLR's so disappointed.
    Should just stick to analogue.
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