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Free T-32 as well if anyone's interested?

  1. drmarkf
    For the fair cost of P&P (the easiest would be to post me a £5 note, I guess) I'd be happy to send my T-32 flash to a good home on the UK mainland. First PM gets it.

    To the best of my knowledge it's fine, and it seems to work OK on both my OM-4 and E-620, but obviously problems could arise with an eBay sale of something like this, and I don't want to risk the potential hassle for the modest amount I'd probably get for it.

    It's in good external and internal condition.

    It would come decently packed accompanied by my purchase receipt from University Cameras in Cambridge (2nd hand in 1992), original manual, and an 'Electronic Flash wide adapter + ND flash set' plastic folder that contains only the ND4 and ND8 adapters plus the instruction sheet.
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