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  1. alan284flavia
    To introduce myself, I am in Scotland and having used Canon for 30 years, found an OM2 in a classic camera fair. Being a med format user, I found an OM kit could be carried easily with my Mamiya 6 Kit, try that with an EOS 1. I now have most OMs from 1 to 4ti as well as 10 to 40 with lenses from 24 to 200. I am intrigued by the OM 101, 707 etc as well. With digital I do not use them so much, have an E500, not liked and EOS5D but still use film,regularly, slide and infra red.Onl;y OM I have had bother with is OM2Spot, poor battery life and erratic shutter. Best is OM2n, brightest finder then OM4. Favourite lenses are 24mm F2.8 and 28/48 zoom
  2. mopar_guy
    Welcome to the OM cult. If you get the chance, post some of your work here.

  3. Canuck Bob
    Canuck Bob
    I too am a new member but woefully inadequate compared to your experience. Welcome from a fellow Commonwealth citizen.
  4. Chris Sweetman
    Chris Sweetman
    Hi alan284flavia

    I agree with you regarding the OM2SP. You never know when it is going to work! Not a body to take on a trip - ever! I used mine indoors teaming it with a Zuiko 50mm f3.5 macro and a T32 flash to take pictures of my model cars. So when it did work is was a capable camera but why is it so unreliable? Olympus also had battery problems with their OM4. I feel the OM system went out of favour shortly after the OM4/OM2SP. No one wants to buy a new camera that doesn't do it's job!

  5. MattKing
    I've had a very reliable OM2s (same as OM2SP) since I bought it new in the early 1980s. Other than using batteries more quickly than my OM2n, it has been an excellent camera.

    I think that the camera suffered from problems with the design of the circuit board. Most were (and are) reliable, but the failure rate of the rest was higher than normal.

    So if you have a good one, you are fine.

    You need to have extra batteries though.

    Oh, and welcome to the group!
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