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New member with arriving OM-1n, viewfinder and cla advice?

  1. Canuck Bob
    I opened a detailed thread on the 35mm forum then found this thread.

    I have questions aimed at the truly faithful.

    I came back to film for the viewfinders. My E-410 has an optical viewfinder suitable for AF only. In fact it is a perfect little p&s digital for snaps, indoor family shots, and flash. The OM-1n is for hobby and personal artistic expression images. Also for chronicalling my experiences in the Canadian oilpatch.

    Planning faster primes like a 28mm, 50mm, 90-100 range. What screen do you guys recommend for getting sharp bright focusing images for hand held shooting? My previous film SLR was a Spotmatic F and fighting a blacked out screen image was common. I have very good laser repaired vision.

    Finally what do you guys advise for cla and overhauls. Automatically arrange it? I'm not the type to throw a repairable camera away and buy another one for cost reasons alone. I'm aware of the foam issue and the camera comes with the little battery adaptor.
  2. Canuck Bob
    Canuck Bob
    Just found out the camera had a CLA in 2003. Defineatly a bonus.
  3. mopar_guy
    For service of OM cameras in North America, I would recommend Camtech (www.zuiko.com). Owner John Hermanson does complete overhauls.

    My favorite focusing screen for the OM-1 is the 1-4. This screen is all matte. For cameras with spot metering, the 1-4N screen matches the "spot metering" area.

    By the way, welcome to the OM Cult.

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