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Strange goings on with an OM2n

  1. Snapper
    I've just developed my 2nd roll I've put through my new OM2n, and the negs are horribly thin, and I can't work out why.

    First roll was tri-x, shot with a 50/1.8, developed in hc110 - came out perfect.

    Second roll was Adox CHS 100 shot with a 35/2, developed in Rodinal, negs are very thin (and yes, I did remember to change the ISO setting).

    I'm using sr44 batteries. I've checked the meter against another camera and a lightmeter, and the internal lightmeter seems ok.

    I think the neg is under exposed rather than under developed - however I had just opened a new bottle of Rodinal, bought about 2 years ago. I did 10mins with 1+50, as per massive dev chart, as I always do.

    It's the first time I've used the 35/2 - could that cause it? The aperture doesn't close when firing on f2, and a lot of the negs were shot at f2, so I don't think that is the problem.

    I know, I need to do some test with different lenses, film and developers, but can anyone see anything obvious here as to why I'm getting this problem?
  2. mopar_guy
    Was the camera used in Manual or Automatic mode?

  3. Snapper
  4. Q.G.
    Sounds rather like it's indeed the processing that did this.
  5. Snapper
    Ah, schoolboy error - just noticed that when you turn the iso dial on the OM2n, it also changes the exposure compensation, so you then need to rotate the compensation dial back to 0. So by going from an iso 400 to a 100, it meant that I turned the compensaion to -2 stops. So it was under exposed.

    Good to know there's nothing wrong with the camera/film/lens/developer!!!
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