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Found nice 50mm f1:4 >1.1 mil wondering about 28mm f2:8?

  1. Canuck Bob
    I have found a seeler and made a deal on a 50mm f1:4 lens in superb condition. He has a 28mm f2:8 in similar shape so I'm considering buying both.

    Originally thought i might wait for f:2 but now I doubt that the f2:8 lens will hinder me in any way.
  2. Chris Sweetman
    Chris Sweetman
    Hi Canuck Bob

    I have used the Zuiko 28mm f2.8 for many years and always been impressed with the images obtained with this lens. Plus it is around 25% of the cost of the f2 version.

  3. Jim Simon
    Jim Simon
    Unless you often find yourself in the dark wishing for that extra stop, why worry? In general use one would be endeavouring to get the best out of any lens by using as small an aperture as possible anyway, and once one is up above f4 or so there's much less difference between lenses in any case. I have the f1.8 50mm standard and can't remember the last time I used it wider than f4. But that's just me - I tend to try and keep the aperture as narrow as possible even if the shutter speeds drop right down.
  4. thuggins
    All three 28's are very good. The 3.5 is unappreciated and they practically give it away. I agree with Jim. The only time the f2 is carried is for building interiors. I'll take a smaller lens over an extra stop any day
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