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Choice of film

  1. Jim Simon
    Hello all. Not meaning to hog the airwaves, but have just joined and had two questions to ask. This is the second one.
    Can I ask if anyone has any opinion on the synergy of particular films with particular lenses? I know this sounds crazy, but I think my Zuikos don't end up as sharp with Tri-X as they do with FP4/HP5.
    I scan my negatives (Coolscan 5000) so it might be that the extra sharpness of my Leitz Summaron works in the Tri-X grain better than a slightly softer/less defined Zuiko image. Meaning that it might be that the grain structure of, say, FP4 sharpens up better in Photoshop after scanning than does Tri-X.
    Any thoughts?
    I apologise for only being a half decent member of this group in that I scan and don't use a darkroom, but at least I don't take more than about 5 digital images a year.
  2. darinwc
    Well I could see that color films would be different depending on what lens you used in terms of color balance. But for black and white I dont think there would be a difference.
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