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Which camera bodies would you carry with you?

  1. PeteD
    Hi folks your opinions would be greatly appreciated. I own an OM1n, OM10 (with manual adaptor) OM2n and OM20. Lenses I carry with me are as follows, f 28mm 1:2.8, f 35- 70mm 1:4, f 75-150mm 1:4 (all zuiko) and a Miranda 70-210mm 1:4.5-5.6. At present I carry the OM2n and the OM20 (with winder 2 attached. Basically I photograph whatever I fancy.

    I was wondering whether I would be better off carrying a different combination of bodies (eg: OM1n and OM2n) and which one I should have the winder on?


  2. ian the framer
    ian the framer
    Hi Pete

    as a preference I would always choose the OM-1 and OM-2. I think they feel more solid and reliable, but it is personal.

    With regard to the winder, why bother? Unless you are shooting sport or something, I feel that the extra bulk and weight are not justified
  3. PeteD
    Hi Ian,
    Thanks for your reply, your thoughts are the same as mine. I just wanted other peoples opinions.

    With regard to the winder I find it easier to use on single shot than the shutter release on the camera. Also I use it when photographing my goddaughter on her horses and on some wildlife.

    Which camera would you use the winder on?

  4. ian the framer
    ian the framer
    probably on the OM-2 as it has auto exposure. so it would be quicker to use for candids etc. The OM-1 requires a little more thought with regard to the manual metering., so auto-wind not as much a priority. (for me anyway)

  5. MattKing
    The OM-20 is small and light (especially with the 28mm lens), so if that is important to you, I wouldn't discount it. I wouldn't pair it with the winder though, because it would then end up being larger and heavier.
  6. mopar_guy
    For me, most often I use an OM-4T with a Motor Drive 2 and M. 15V Nicad control pack. The camera has a 50mm f1.4 lens mounted and I carry the camera around my neck. I have a smallish camera bag with several Zuiko primes from 24mm up to 100mm and film, spare batteries, and a few filters. I find that it is as easy to carry five Zuiko primes as it is to carry two zooms.
  7. wblynch
    I currently have 4 OM1's (black and chrome) 3 OM10's and an OM4-T (champagne)

    I like to switch them up and take a different one each time.

    I always loved my OM1's and I know them well. But the OM10's are great cameras that always give me perfect exposures. The OM4-T is not good to me in contrasty light.

    For street shooting you can't go wrong with a 28mm stopped down and pre focused. Or, leave the lens focused mid way then you can focus very fast when you need to. I have taken thousands of photos that way.
  8. Rick A
    Rick A
    When I carry a 35, it's an OM-1. I have three of them, although one of my daughters has one of them, and I also have an OM-4. My OM-4 has been in need of a cla for quite some time, I dont miss it as I prefer my ones. I used to love my 4, but found myself getting caught up in the electronics and missing shots. I am on a KISS life style these days.
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