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New to group

  1. eskerman
    Just wanted to say hello to other OM users here in the group. I recently decided to buy an OM10 ( not ebay) from a private seller which included the manual adapter, and 40mm Zuiko 1.8 lens.

    I have not put this camera to test yet, loaded up some HP5 and will be testing it shortly. I also bought a Tokina 70-210 f4/5.6 lens (on ebay) as the money seemed to be right. I have a preference for Monochrome and I plan on trying my own developing .. fingers crossed.

    I have seen positive and negative comments on the OM1O but this applies to all cameras in my opinion including the "Red Dot" brand.

  2. PeteD
    Welcome to the Olympus OM Cult.

  3. eskerman
    I have enjoyed the OM10 and recently bought the OM2n - private seller and I am very pleased with its overall condition. This private seller bought the camera new in Dixon's of Oxford street and I have the original receipt from 6/10/1980

    Camera Body £141
    50/f1.8 lens £55

    I think in todays money this would be circa £550 for both items

    I also bought a Tokina 70-200 f4/5.5 for the OM and my previous experiences with Tokina has been excellent on Canon, haven't used one on the OM yet

    Looking forward to firing this camera up shortly.

  4. x100art
    Hi and welcome!

    I also joined the group in a proud owner of two OM-2n one of them is getting repaired at the moment.
  5. Rogerus
    Helo! i decided to join the group , as it s three days since i have an OM 2n. i haven t loaded it with film yet, just getting used to its functions, as my main shooter since now has been a Pentax ME Super. i like OM 2 style and i m looking forward to loading it with an Agfa APX 100. Alll the best!
  6. LightBurn Photo
    LightBurn Photo
    Hello Everyone!
    Happy to be here! Im a prowd owner of a OM1, OM30 and last but not least OM10
  7. dive3dj
    Hello all,
    I should also introduce myself having posted on another thread without doing so - poor etiquette I guess!

    I have just recently got a hold of a nice clean OM-4 and a Soligor 28-80mm 3.5-4.5 lens after a hiatus of more than 10 years in digital. I have spent some time familiarising myself with the body again (having used an OM-3 and a huge variety of lenses in the past), and was very pleasantly surprised to find that my new OM-4 has the 2-13 screen fitted - onbviously a modification made by a previous owner. It is heartening to know that I could probably realise what I spent on the camera and body by selling the screen if I didn't want to keep it, so it's already an investment, on paper anyway. The body is the older circuit, but with 357 cells so cheap and seemingly available a few spare cells wont trouble me, and I know I can reduce the drain a little by leaving the camera on red 60/b or removing the batteries entirely. The body is very clean, well looked after, chrome MD and battery hatch covers, newish looking seals, and all seems to be working as it should although I've not yet had time to run some film through it.
    I have no doubts at all that digital photography is very conveneient and a modern digital compact is an amazingly effective tool for the task. Whats brought me back is the startling difference in quality of images when printed. I have enlargements from slides on various walls in the house that when I look at them again, I am blown away by the sharpness of the imgae, and I can't afford the kind of outlay that would deliver digital images of the same calibre.

    I am going to concentrate on B+W for a while, something I didn't concentrate on in the past preferring kodachrome and then velvia for landscapes, but the beauty of the analogue system is its versitality.

    Its good to see that there is a thriving fanalogue community, and my local city seems to be quite a good place to be workig with older folm based cameras, with a renowned repair facility, darkroom cleasses, workshops and community spaces, and plenty to phptograph!

    Its good to be back!

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