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  1. Allan Swindles
    My optician told me some time ago that I needed varifocals. I resisted and just upgraded my distance lenses and simply looked over the top for close work, my worry being that I would have difficulty looking through the viewfinder. However, the time has come to take the plunge as my mid distance requires compensation. Can any varifocal wearers offer any advice or reassurance?
  2. mopar_guy
    Allan, I am nearsighted and have worn glasses to correct for it my entire life. Mostly, it has meant using bi-focals. My last pair of glasses I was talked into vari-focal lenses. I hate them with a passion. I use mostly OM-4T cameras these days and I simply adjust the built-in diopter for my eyesight (uncorrected) and when I use the camera, I take my glasses off.
  3. hjt
    I agree with mopar. Varifocals are very expensive and next to useless for almost everything (exept perhaps watching the telly and checking your watch at the same time!). I too have an OM4 with an ajustable viewfinder but with most cameras I find my long distance prescription seems to work OK. Unfortunately this means carrying two pairs of glasses or bi-focals to check camera settings.
    Since my eysight started to deteriorate photography has become much more difficult in general and it can be hard to focus accurately. Because of this I have tended to gravitate towards rangfinder cameras. I now use an Olympus RD, a Mamiya 7 and a Fuji GW690 most of the time.
  4. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    Thanks guys, that was exactly my fear, despite assurances from the optician ('cause he just wants to make money). It needs some thought, I do have a 30 day option, but the alternative might be 3 pairs of specs.
  5. MattKing
    My dentist uses glasses that have attached, flip-down magnifiers.

    Of course if you where those out in public, your friends and family members will refuse to acknowledge they know you
  6. Snapper_UK
    Hello I am new here having just bought an OM40. I have a bit of short sightedness I need glasses just about for close up reading.

    I have never worked out whether this means I will have more trouble focusing than normal and if so what I can do about it. ie wear glasses and shoot or adjust the camera. Any thoughts/

  7. George S.
    George S.
    I recall that when you look thru the viewfinder to focus, that the image is equivalent to looking at something about 36 inches away. This may help with what glasses or vision correction you need for focusing.
  8. Snapper_UK
    Thanks. I think I am in the clear then. My problems are text on a page a few inches away.

  9. Jon202
    I need glasses to read - age thing, but have no problem focussing, I use OM2 and OM4 kit, so there must be something in the comment regarding 36 inch viewing distance thing poster earlier
  10. Ipno Tizer
    Ipno Tizer
    I wear varifocals. When I'm out, I take them off and use a varimagni viewfinder which has built in dioptre correction. But, if you do that, make sure to use a spectacle cord. Varifocals are expensive if you loose them.
  11. wblynch
    Over a year ago I contracted some sort of infection that left both eyes nearly blind. With medication I have recovered to about 70% vision. I will need lens replacement surgery.

    Anyway this has made it difficult to focus, having to guess within a range. I can get by well enough but the worst part is I can't see the meter. The OM-4t and OM-3 displays are impossible. So now I rely on the A/E bodies. The OM-2S that I have is kind enough to have an audible beep when the exposure goes out of range, allowing me to change the aperture.

    I have a light meter app on my iPhone that I want to try out. I will load up an OM-1 or the OM-3 and see how it does.
  12. thuggins
    Since I have both an astigmatism and reading glasses, the built in diopter was not adequate. Get yourself an OM eyecup and the old glasses you just replaced. Put masking tape over the lens to protect it (and mark the top if you have an astigmatism), then cut out the lens with a dremel tool to fit into the eyecup. You can take the rubber cup off and just use the mounting piece to hold the lens. It's much better than trying to focus with glasses on. Just be careful that the eyecup doesn't slip off and you lose it.
  13. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    There is some great info. here folks. At the moment I'm still using my distance specs. and looking over the top to view the controls which works fine. At the moment focussing isn't a problem with either my OM-2's or 4-Ti (1-4 screens), just a bit slower.
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