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OM4 vs OM4 Ti

  1. giosanta
    How much is better an OM4 vs a OM4 Ti? I'm not intersting in flash operations, and I've see there are much more OM4 than OM4 Ti to buy.
    Many thanks and excuse my English.
  2. ZtC
    Hi Giovanni. I recently purchased an OM-4T (US version of the OM-4Ti) and love it. The 4Ti is the "new & improved" version of the 4. As I understand it, the 4 had problems with battery drain. That was fixed in the 4Ti. Besides that, the two cameras are almost identical. A good description of all OM bodies can be found here: http://www.star.ucl.ac.uk/~rwesson/e.../bodygroup.htm
  3. UK Roger
    UK Roger
    ALWAYS go for the OM4ti, it's got all the updates and battery drain problem should be sorted.
  4. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    I would agree with UK Roger, the 4Ti is a better investment.
  5. wblynch
    And because everyone wants an OM4-TI more than an OM4 you can buy the OM4 much easier and at a lower price than te OM4-TI.

    More hilarious is the insanity of people that think an OM4-TI is worth more than an OM4-T, simply because it has an "I" on the nameplate!

    My advice is go for the one in best condition for the right price.
  6. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    wblynch, I don't think anyone is trying to score points here. As I understand the Ti is an abreviation for Titanium which, in itself, is perhaps not so important. What is important is that the question asked was the difference between the OM4 and the OM4Ti. The OM4 has battery drain problems which the T or Ti (depending on the country, it seems) has resolved. It is also the most recent addition to the OM system and much less likely to require expensive refurbishment.
  7. wblynch
    I'm not talking about points I'm talking about value. Not all OM4 have the battery problem. Many were updated and many were built after the problem was corrected.

    My message being that there are great OM4's and OM4-T's out there that can be obtained for a real bargain. They all take the same great photos.
  8. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    I'd agree with that, as long as you KNOW you're buying an updated model!
  9. RH Designs
    RH Designs
    I have an OM-4. It hasn't been updated. It doesn't eat batteries any faster than my OM-4Ti but it does not have a 4Ti circuit. They're not all bad! I also have an OM- 2SP which does eat batteries but I simply take them out when I'm not using it.
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