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What is the best thing to do with Hot shoes?

  1. PeteD
    Hi all.

    I have here 2x OM1n and 2x OM2n (one each chrome and black). Now having owned one OM1n since 1982 I've always kept the hot shoe on the camera but I'm starting to wonder if perhaps I should take them off and store them safely. The only concern I have with doing this is dirt etc getting into the fitting on the camera body. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  2. wblynch
    OM-1s originally shipped with a little plastic button in the screw hole for the hot shoe. You can get a similar button in a hardware store and cut off the stem to the appropriate length.

    I have two of those originals buttons and I like them more than the hot shoes !
  3. MattKing
    Once I put a hot shoe on any of my OM bodies, it stays there unless I need to take it off.

    In most cases, that means that it stays there, period.

    I figure the shoe protects the connection underneath.
  4. darinwc
    Put them in the freezer.
  5. haljordan
    my two OMs (OM1md and OM2n) are so sleek without the hotshoe, and sort of bulky with them. i leave them off, but now think i should protect the fitting on the camera. thanks for the suggestion.
  6. thuggins
    That hot shoe is an abomination. It sticks out like a sore thumb, catching on everything and tearing up the inside of your camera case. I was so pissed on realizing you couldn't take it off the 4's. I ended up putting the plastic cover in it, and covering the whole thing with duct tape.

    Stick them in a little plastic bag, and put them in the box with the odds and ends.
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