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hello OMers

  1. mig13
    i am new on this site so i am not familiar with the way it works. i uploaded a few photos and now i can´t see them on the site, i assume they must wait for some sort of approval.
    my father gave me his OM-2n with a zuiko auto-s 50mm 1.4, now i am interested in buying a prime wide angle lense. can anyone recomend me a site other than ebay type?
  2. Richard James
    Richard James
    If you live in Britain I find Ffordes http://www.ffordes.com/ in Scotland is a good place to start. As to the lens perhaps you could do worse than the 28mm F3.5 as this lens uses a 49mm filter; this means you can use any filters you have for your 50mm lens on the 28mm. Good lucuk
    Richard James
  3. mopar_guy
    These focus groups work a little differently than the rest of APUG. For the main sit any member can upload an image and post it as an attachment in a thread. In order to have access to the Gallery, you must be a subscriber to be able to view images in the Gallery. I believe that this group as well as the other focus groups work the same basic way as the Gallery. The cost to subscribe is really low. Same as buying a few rolls of film.

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