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View finder blocked

  1. Pie
    Dear All,
    I took my OM-4T out today for my first shoot with it after previously using an OM-1N. I noticed something inside the view finder blocking the top corners which I am certain wasn't there when I got the camera! I have no idea what has happened. Does anyone know what it is that I am seeing in the view finder and what I have done to my camera? Any help would be much appreciated as I was very upset when I noticed this.

  2. wblynch
    You're seeing the top of the prism. You should be able to move your eye to the viewfinder and not see that.

    I just checked my OM-4T and it does that very same thing when you pull back from the viewfinder.
  3. Pie
    I had assumed that it was the top of the prism.
    I was concerned that something had happened when I put the camera in my bag because I hadn't noticed it before and it takes up so much more of the view than in my OM-1N.
    It is some comfort if it takes up as much of your viewfinder. Does everyone else see the same thing?
  4. mopar_guy
    That's normal. No worries. Five different OM-4T cameras all do it and so does my OM-3Ti.
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