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85mm f/2 versus 100mm f/2 : help me decide!

  1. Zenzanon
    Hi guys and gals,

    I want to buy a portrait lens for my OM system. Intended use is available light candid portraits. I like the classic look of subject in sharp focus, against beautiful background bokeh.

    I own and use Bronica SQ stuff, and Micro 4/3 stuff, but for this particular application, the sweet spot might be using my OM-2n with either the Zuiko 85mm f/2 or the 100mm f/2.

    I've read a lot about these two lenses on this forum and elsewhere, and know that the 100 f/2 is harder to find, more expensive, larger and heavier, and has 9 (as opposed to 8) aperture blades. I don't care about filter size. If I go with the 85, I'd opt for one of the later MC versions.

    There are multiple comments about the 100 f/2 vs. the 100 f/2.8, but very little about the 100 f/2 vs. the 85 f/2.

    Has anyone used both of these? Any comments or actual examples of sharpness and/or bokeh?


    - Tom
  2. mopar_guy
    You forgot to add the 90mm Zuiko Macro to the comparison. There is a thread on that one somewhere here on APUG.

  3. Richard James
    Richard James
    I would go for the 100m F2 because although slightly heavier it has Floating mechanism used to correct close distance aberrations. Special low dispersion glass and extraordinary partial dispersion glass are used in the front groups ensuring minimal chromatic aberration and excellent resolution and contrast. These should produce a sharper picture with greater contrast.
  4. nsurit
    I have both and find myself using the 85mm f2 most of the time. At about 40-45% of what you will pay for the 100 f2, it is a no brainer. I also have the 90mm f2 and the 85mm is still my favorite. Light fast and smooth litle lens. Bill Barber
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