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OM40 and T20 Flash

  1. Snapper_UK
    Hi. I am fairly new to both photography and the OM40.

    I have just bought the T20 flash and cannot seem to find any decent instructions from either manual how to use the two together.

    Am I right in assuming that I make sure the om is set to oft as opposed to esp and that the flash is set to auto and not manual? If so which number on auto and do I need to set the iso on the flash?

    Any advice would be welcome

  2. Richard James
    Richard James
    Hi John,
    Here is a link to an Olympus web site http://www.star.ucl.ac.uk/~rwesson/e...ogroup/t20.htm for instructions for the Olympus T20 flash.
    Good luck with that
  3. Snapper_UK
    Thanks Richard that is kind. Yes I have been through all manuals and still not clear.

    This is really kind and alot of information. But I can honestly say I do not still know the answers to the 3 questions I asked.
    1 is camera, om40 set to oft as opposed to esp
    2 Should flash be set to auto and if so what speed on flash
    3 do I set the iso on the flash
    I am hoping for
    1 yes
    2 no and irelevant
    3 no
    Can anyone confirm this?
  4. wblynch
    1) You can set it to OTF.

    2) For T-20 auto flash, turn the calculator panel to the blank, auto side.

    3) The calculator panel will be on the blank side and no ISO setting is then made.
  5. Snapper_UK
    I get it.

    The whole panel comes off and turns around. Thanks WB. I have done this and set the camera to OFT

  6. mopar_guy
    If I remember the OM-40, it is very much like my OM-2S Program in flash operation. For best results using flash, select an aperture that would give a shutter speed of about 1/30th second and try to keep distances between 3-5 meters.
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