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OM4/4T Take-up dial mark...

  1. beegee675
    Anyone know why the OM4/4T take-up spool dial has a white line up mark on the top? This seems to move as the film advances. Why is it marked at all? Can'y find a reference to it in the manual...

  2. bluedog
    Hi BG,
    My recollection is that once you set the film speed the white dot may not line up with the zero exposure compensation mark. So you need to reset the white mark on the external ring to match the '0' between +1 and -1 exposure compensation settings.

  3. mopar_guy
    I think that the OP is referring to the rewind crank which has a small white line on top and the knob will turn as the film is advanced. My OM-2S Program has the same mark. It just makes it easier to visually see that the film is advancing.
  4. wblynch
    I always thought the stripe was to show which side to flip up for rewinding...
  5. bluedog
    Interesting. I have two OM4's and neither has a white mark on top of the take up spool.
  6. beegee675
    Yes, it's the one on the top... not the adjustment compensation one which is below, closer to the top surface. Not too small in my case... let me see if I can post a pix on this to show... It could be to indicate which side to pick up and rewind or just for a quick ref on the movement as noted... maybe on a double digit model, but a 4T? Looks like it should have some more significance with model level...

  7. beegee675
    Here's a shot of the marking... just a little puzzle, no big deal...

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