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OM4 Ti viewfinder problem

  1. behemoth

    I know this might seem foolish but I just received my OM4Ti and, everything was fine when I unpacked it, the viewfinder was illuminated, but after a few minutes it went off. There are no batteries on the camera, but how comes that the viewfinder was illuminated at all, and then nothing. I would appreciate a quick answer to my foolish post thank you
  2. mopar_guy
    The battery compartment is on the bottom plate of the camera towards the outside edge of the camera. It uses two SR-44 silver Oxide (1.5 volt) button cells. Unscrew the battery cover and replace the cells with the positive side (+) out. The viewfinder illuminator is a small button on the side of the lens mount near the front of the pentaprism. The viewfinder will be illuminated for about 90 seconds and then the light will shut itself off.

  3. thuggins
    The 3's and 4's will use either a silver oxide or alkaline cell. But it there were no cells in the camera, the viewfinder could not have been illuminated by the internal light. What likely happened when the illumination "went off" is that you were blocking light to the illumination window that is just under the pentaprism. Every time I'm wearing a ball cap I have to puzzle for a second as to why the display isn't lit.
  4. mopar_guy
    Alkaline batteries have a gradual drop of voltage over time as they discharge. Silver oxide batteries are better at maintaining the correct voltage for a longer period of time.
  5. beegee675
    The blocking ball cap phenomenon ... that explains it why my 4T's dim and the meter scale at bottom is sometimes hard to see quickly... Having glasses doesn't help either.. But, probably the same thing happens in my N8008s VF... and other models, too. The camera technology at the time probably had more than a few solutions like that to feeding light to the pentaprism as an alternative to the camera's electrical system. Thanks for the tip...

  6. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    I'd agree with all the above behemoth. Have you solved your problem?
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