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Winder 2 Strap flange...

  1. beegee675
    I use a winder 2 with various OM bodies, but without using the bottom silver strap flange/loop. I don't like straps per se, and tend to shoot with a "safety" wrist loop that goes into the tripod mount. Minimal, but effective for some piece of mind, especially when using the OM add-ons that increase weight. My problem is, with my hands, that this flange digs into my palm when gripping the Winder, upsetting an otherwise pleasant shooting experience. I saw a couple of screws nearby the flange and thought they were involved, and I'd just remove it, but unscrewing one partially did not loosen the flange, so I didn't pursue that further. My question is– does anyone seem to have this problem. and what have you done to alleviate it? I have the leather grip for the power flash attachment, but it's straps are too wide to fit in the flange's slot without adding another ring device to connect, which wouldn't solve the problem anyway. Any thoughts?

    Bob G.
  2. wblynch
    You might cut it off with a dremel tool
  3. beegee675
    Well, I would like to keep the original equipment intact. But if there's someone who's actually taken this off or has fashioned an alternative workaround, that would be interesting. I think when using the power flash grip this flange is covered and one grips the power flash instead...
  4. PeteD
    If memory serves me correctly you can actually take this right out but you need to almost dismantle the whole winder to do so.

  5. beegee675
    That's what I was thinking... going deeper to dismantle it. But I wonder if it's worth it, though, or just get a MD2, unless they have the same hook sticking out. The MD2 looks like it's sleeker in that area. But, with the price of an MD2 = to about four of the winder 2's, it's cheaper to get a few of the W2s and put them on a few bodies. I also thought it would be neat to fashion a removable bump add-on that might serve to cradle the hand a little.. sort of like the one 4T's got that can be attached to the front...
  6. Ron O
    Ron O
    Interesting observation. I had to check it out. I have always thought that the Grip straps were compatible with the motor drives and winders. The manuals show that they are. I looked at all my drives and winders and sure enough they all hav the same size flange. I have two straps that are the same size. I have one on a bounce grip the other is just sitting around. Makes me wonder if early straps were different? Well a little more looking I found this. http://zuserver2.star.ucl.ac.uk/~rwe.../gripstrap.pdf Learn something new every day. The straps I have were used and did not have the extra pieces. :-(
  7. mopar_guy
    Another reason to like my Motor Drive 2. The Grip Strap attachment flips out of the way when not in use.
  8. beegee675
    Ron O -- thanks for the product sheet pdf. I may try to run the grip strap webbing through the flange again. It's technically wider, but may work, seeing the pix now. Mine came attached to a Powerbounce and actually, when I took it off I forgot which way it went back on: how the fingers fit. These things should be used as the leather dries out eventually... Motor drives are the best to use, especially with the return winding...
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