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Zoom creep

  1. beegee675
    Anyone have solutions for zoom creep on these old manual focus lenses? I have a 100-200 f/5 that could use some friction and wondered if there's an adjustment screw or something under the grip. There's also the rubber band/o-ring solution, but because the mass of the lens comes out from the smaller tube at the body, I don't see how this prevents the slippage. Tape on the tube seems like a recipe for getting bits and/or residue into the deep recesses. I can almost visualize a variable tightening ring of some sort...
  2. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    I've recently purchased a Zuiko 50-250 f5. I am not a zoom lens fan and all my other many Zuiko's are of fixed focal length. My intention was to use it as a 'grab it and go' do everything unit on one of my OM-2 bodies. It works fine as described but when it's fitted to the camera body the weight of the front elements cause the lens to extend to it's full extent when carried around the neck. In use there is no problem and any firmer/stiffer action might become such, so I live with it.
  3. beegee675
    Allen, yes, the weight of the particular elements will always seem to be affected by gravity, no matter what the make is, except for the autofocus variations held in place... But when new, some lenses had mor grab to the movement. What usually enhances the sliding in thirty years? Some sources say the helicoids, some say the grease goes. I don't plan to take these things apart any time soon, but thought someone out there might have a more hardware- oriented solution that should have been addressed bythe manufacturer.
  4. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    I'd think it's most likely grease. I've recently had some binoculars overhauled and difference in the firmness of the focussing is amazing. You could try the main forum for an answer, I don't know your location but there are some knowledgeable people out there.
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