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Zuiko 65-200 zoom macro...

  1. beegee675
    Does anyone have any experience using the macro function of this lens? I know that to engage it you're supposed to pull it back too 200 and shift clockwise to make a click, but when I try to focus it slghtly, it goes off the click, and the macro, too. How much focus variability (twist) is one supposed to get in macro mode? The lens instructions are sparse as well as the web on this...

  2. Ron O
    Ron O
    I got mine out and played. You're correct it comes out of macro mode when trying to focus with the focusing ring. Found the instruction sheet at the Unofficial OM Sales Information File site. Sparse info, but a paragraph talks about focusing on the object by moving the camera back and forth. The macro only works at 200mm and focus can only be achieved by moving the camera back and forth. Limited macro capabilities. Though reasonable magnification with a good working distance. I'll look through all my literature when I get some time away from work but don't think I'll have much more to add.
  3. beegee675
    That sounds like what's happening... I guess that's the macro... You just have to be aware of where the focus zone is...
  4. Ron O
    Ron O
    According the the SIF sheet 85cm or 2.8 ft. for a magnification of 1/3 life size. Looking at other zooms with close focus the 50-250 acts the same way and look almost exactly lie the 65-200. The 35-70 f3.5-4.5 allows close focus at all focal lengths. The 35-105 clicks into close focus and it can be used at all focal lengths. The 70-210 will keep close focus through out the zoom, if you focus on the subject at 70mm it will remain in focus as you zoom in.
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