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  1. bed_hugs
    I joined this group in my anticipation of my first OM purchase! There are a couple OM bodies at my local brick & mortar store, an OM2n and an OM4T. I have a question for the OM cult though. When handling the cameras I noticed that the film advance lever is noticeably rougher on the OM4 than the OM2. I posted this in a thread a few days ago but I thought I might as well get a few more opinions from a dedicated group that deals with OM's.

    thanks everybody
  2. Ron O
    Ron O
    Try the OM FAQ http://www.star.ucl.ac.uk/~rwesson/e...aq.htm#ques_B0 Has a section on what to look for when buying used OM bodies. Some of my cameras feel different winding but never have had a problem yet. Then most of the time I have winder or motor drive attached so don't know if there is a difference. The OM-2n was my 2nd OM still use it and love it. I have a 4t that I just started using. Amazing exposure system!.. Took it out last winter in Craters of the Moon National Park. Can't imagine a more difficult place and time for accurate exposure. A scene full of areas dark black to brown low next to white snow and a bright blue sunny sky. Multiple spot exposure readings and every shot was perfectly exposed. Good luck.
  3. bed_hugs
    thanks ron! I appreciate the help. I've heard about the 4's electrical problem and that it was fixed with the 4T, but it may still happen. I'm just not sure about the reliability of the 4T and may just pick up the OM2n instead
  4. coat953
    I've been using a battered OM4Ti (Non-US name for the OM4T) for ten years now and it's bulletproof! The metering makes it so flexible and accurate and it has been 100% reliable. I've had OM2s's for 25 years. Both cameras are wonderful, but my default option is the OM4Ti now!
  5. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    bed hugs, OM2/2n bodies will almost certainly need new light seals. The OM4Ti (UK model) is quite superb and my first choice. It is true that the original OM4 model had battery problems but this was later resolved with the introduction with the Ti version, again UK version, I can't speak for other countries. I am using 2, 2N's and 4Ti bodies but the 4 is by far my favourite.
  6. thuggins
    The film advance on the 1 and 2 is silky smooth, and is a bit rougher on the 3's and 4's. I had problems with my 4 but it was sorted out and works fine now. Apart from the roughness, there have never been any problems with my 3 or 4Ti.
  7. beegee675
    I use a winder 2 or MD with the "rougher" advance-lever bodies.

  8. av2000
    The OM-4Ti film advance is a bit rough, but it won't affect image quality.
    I've used the 4Ti for 10 years now and it never failed. The spot metering is just fantastic. The 2 can't get that for you.
  9. thuggins
    An update about the spot metering capability ... I have always found the metering of any Olympus camera (SLR or Rangefinder) to be very accurate, and for most of my work the center weighted metering was just fine. I probably only used the spot meter about 5% of the time. But after a recent trip to Alaska I have a new respect for it.

    A combination of snow peaked mountains, dark evergreen forests, an unusually bright, clear sky, and fairly weak sun at such high latitudes conspired together to throw off the center-weighted meter nearly every time. But by metering the forest 1-1/2 stops under and the sunlit snow 1-2/3 to 2 stops over, nearly every shot was perfectly exposed.
  10. beegee675
    Thuggins- Wouldn't the highlight/shadow buttoms have helped you also on those sky/forest pix? The settings shows up in the diamonds placed on the meter line?
  11. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    I can't understand why you guys think the OM-4Ti film advance is "rough". Perhaps mine is special, but it is smooth and positive. I have an original OM-1, non MD, two OM-2 bodies, an OM-2N body and an OM-4Ti and of course they all feel slightly different. Being a later model perhaps means it's not yet been run in. The 1 and 2 models have been around for a long time and the gearing systems have had time to 'soften' . Does it matter anyway? Having been an avid user of the OM system for many years the OM-4Ti has now become my first choice.
  12. beegee675
    I'd agree somewhat with Alan.. One will shoot with a particular camera for it own characteristics and engineering at the moment. It shouldn't be a review game between the bodies. They're different. However, if you're going back and forth between two different models and the physical differences get in the way of the shoot, then maybe it becomes an issue. If the ratcheting bothers, and you don't mind the extra weight or mass, just slap a MD on it. By the way, is it mine, or the MD cap of the 4T doesn't fit in the Winder 2 storage slot---- maybe because it does in the MD 2? (which I don't have)
    - Bob G.
  13. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    I use a winder 2 on my 2N macro setup but I've not yet tried it on the 4Ti. Interesting point about the MD/Winder cap. I will investigate when I finish the film.
  14. beegee675
    It's just a minor thing, but since the cover's not with the camera, I have to make sure it doesn't get lost. What I think happened was the 4Ts were designed for the motor drives. So, my guess is that the motor drives have a slot that fits the 4T's cover...
  15. wblynch
    Nice thing about the OM-4's, the 3's and the OM-2Sp is the battery cover is the same as the motor drive cover so it is much easier to get a replacement.
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