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Any OM PC/40 Users out there?

  1. beegee675
    I've a couple of these bodies that "followed" some lens purchases home... and have been using them now an then as backup bodies. They're pretty capable machines in their own right. I like using the the short 35-70 zooms or 50 prime on them as a quick go-to, and find the winder 2 helps unless I just want to keep things minimal. None of the battery issues with the correct silver ones inside. Anyone else have some use history to share? Always liked this "buyers guide" published a couple of years ago...
  2. PeteD
    I have 2 here (OM40's) one tatty one very good, both work ok but seem to eat LR44 batteries. I'll try some sr44's at some stage.

  3. beegee675
    Yes, SR-44Ws are the number... From John Hermanson; "All OM-PC/40s have battery drain. Authentic Sony SR-44W will last the longest. Drain with OM-PC is the highest when set to manual. Set to auto when not in use, or remove batteries. Drain cannot be fixed and setting it to B does not turn the drain off."
  4. PeteD
    that's worth knowing. Thank you.

  5. wblynch
    I bought a couple of good lenses that came with an OM-PC but the camera was jammed beyond use. It intrigued me so I found another in perfect working order.

    The OM-PC has the ESP metering which is unique in the OM lineup. It works great for slides in contrasty lighting. But for color negative and black and white film, I am happier with the ESP turned off.

    I have seen some with a leather covering and they look amazing.

    I am lucky that mine doesn't eat batteries. I don't use it often but the batteries have been in there about a year with no problems.

    My only concern is that most OM PC/40's being sold seem to be broken, for parts only, indicating that they are delicate. But they are a great camera and fun to use.
  6. PeteD
    My first one came with a Cobra bounce flash which was what I bought it for. The second one (mint) came on it's own for £12. Both work well.

  7. beegee675
    wblynch-- your experience with the slide film and the OMPC reinforces more than a few comments I've come across in blogs and forums... I'll have to try it. I've shot mostly color negative because of the ease of developing. It seems that there are some interesting combinations of exposure that cover the ESP/Auto/Manual ranges. The PCs I've been getting seem to be mechanically ok, but out of long storage, with flipped up mirrors, locked advance and chalked rubber.
  8. wblynch
    Just like with the OM-2sp, I don't care much for the program mode. I guess I just got used to aperture priority.

    I don't know why they never had a shutter priority mode. It should have been easy to add.

    Also on my OM-PC the DX doesn't seem to work all that well. It does better just setting the asa/iso on the dial.
  9. beegee675
    wblynch-- So, as I understand you, you have better shots using the ESP on and in Auto, and in your case, manually set the ISO? Do you manipulate the over/under settings as well? (which I would think might work better in manual mode)...

  10. PeteD
    I tried Sr44 batteries in one of my OM40 camera's and they seem to be lasting better than Lr44's.

  11. wblynch
    Sorry BG, I missed your post.

    For my OM-PC, I have used it on Auto and Program but I don't really like Program. I haven't used it in Manual mode.

    I used ESP for slides and for negatives but I didn't like it for negatives.

    I have set the ISO/ASA manually and used the DX setting but I just trust the manual setting more. I have not tried under/over or messed with anything other than box speed.

    I don't use it often; maybe only 5 rolls of film so far.
  12. 35mm
    I acquired a used OM-PC, with a 50mm and a 28-135mm lens, from a neighbor. Works swimmingly and is now part of my OM kit (OM-1n and OM-PC) with an additional 28mm lens. Using Kodak BW400CN in the OM-1n and Fuji color print 400 in the OM-PC. Battery life not an issue, yet; but keep a spare set of batteries in my bag.

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