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  1. darinwc

    It appears i have came down with a bad case of GAS lately.
    I just picked up a 28mm f2 and I have a 55mm f1.2 on order.
    Weird, and I swore that all i needed were the 3 lenses I already had.

    Were there different versions of either of these lenses?
  2. wblynch
    There was the later 50mm/1.2 but that was a whole different lens.

    You probably need one of those too!
  3. mopar_guy
    I don't really know that much about the 28mm f2 Zuiko.

    I am especially fond of the standard focal length lenses. I have two of the 55mm f1.2 lenses. One is an early silvernose with serial number 102705 and I also have a later 55mm f1.2 that is all black and has serial number 164593. I have only seen one lens that had a higher serial number in this focal length. I believe that the 50mm f 1.2 was the replacement for these around 1981 or so. Enjoy!

  4. darinwc
    Wll I did a little research and the 28mm f2 seems to be highly regarded.. the 55mm f1.2 not so much.

    I'm not sure if I will be keeping either of them, but I will at least give them a test run with some film =]
  5. Ron O
    Ron O
    Looking forward to hearing what you think of these lenses. Just bought a 28 f2, awaiting it. Looking for a 55mm 1.2. I'm trying to collect as many of the Zuiko's as I can (30+ at this time). Have GAS bad.
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