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Off-camera flash and PC cord triggering

  1. av2000
    Hi everybody,
    I'm Axel and new to the group. I've been using an OM-4Ti for about 10 years and finally decided to get into their vast flash system, which I've now reached a point where I'm at a loss of ideas. Taking flash photos is a breeze with TTL measuring and the flash and camera doing all the exposure work for you. I did a few rolls of film with OM-4Ti, (3) T32 units on auto, 4 OM TTL cords, and a 3 way splitter. I tried to use the ND filters for the T32s but I guess the sensors in the flash units as well as TTL auto metering and exposure negated all that effort. Since then I bought a Polaris light meter with a PC connector and switched all flash units to manual / X-exposure mode, so they output as much as they can on each shot. Does anyone have experience with the OM flash system? I'm now trying to get my Polaris light meter to fire the flashes without exposing a frame (just for metering the subject). I would also like to have the OM-4Ti fire the flashes when I take a picture. So far, I've researched that shorting Pin 2 and Pin 3 on an Olympus OM TTL cord will fire the flash. So I'm probably needing a PC cord splitter, one input going to the meter, one input going to the OM's PC port. The output side going to the home-made PC-to-OM-TTL-sync-cord adapter, and the output of that going to the OM 3way splitter and the (3) T32 units. Please let me know in case you have tried something like this before! Thanks everyone!
  2. av2000
    I forgot to mention, I'm shooting black and white portraits indoors using 2 or 3 flash units (T32) with diffusers. I use the OM4-Ti, and the 50/1.4 Zuiko, or the 85/2.0 Zuiko. Cheers everyone
  3. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    I think you're overcomplicating the problem. Why not use your fill-in flash units with light triggers when your main flash fires. No cables and the OFT system in the camera will sort it out. If you need to reduce the output of the fill-in's, use them in manual mode. It's been a while since I used my T32 so please bear with me. At least someone is trying.
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