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Problem with OM-1n shutter

  1. EdvinO


    Im an avid user of my Olympus OM-1n, and until recently it has worked like clockwork. But after a long day shooting about 6 rolls, the shutter button got stuck in the down position. I juggeled about some trying to wind (not using excessive force off course) lock mirror and self timer. That worked one time and then it got stuck again. I decided to open the bottom to find stuff out.
    Im no expert, so this will be a very simple "what happens when i do stuff to stuff" explanation:
    The lever numbered as 1. is connected to the shutter button. When its in the current position the button is in the bottom position. when i crank the winder sprocket 2 move, but due to either 1 being stuck or the two notches hitting each other in pos 3 (which they wont do unless i manipulate them to) (they also are on top of the underlying sprockets and dont need to move like them) and press 1 towards the left with a little force, I get it to wind. I can then shoot. I think that 1 is stuck on something and wont return as it should. But im not skilled enough to find out what or how.

    Anyone know about this issue? Can it be fixed, or should i sack my loved camera? (I also have an OM-G (10) as a backup)
    Any other OM-x series I should get instead? I really like the total manualness of the OM-1n. No electronics other than the lightmeter.

    Thanks in advance
  2. PeteD
    It can be fixed but you'll probably have to send it somewhere that specialises in Olympus slrs. My 1982 vintage OM1n did the same a few years back and that's what I had to do. There is a chap here in the UK that advertises on Ebay for a full service on the OM1n inc sorting the battery problem out.

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