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Flashes for the OM 4T...

  1. beegee675
    Wondering what kinds of period flashes can be used fro the 4T. I was thinking of getting the f-280 to try/take advantage of the higher-speed strobe engineering, but haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. Seems the GN28 might be limiting for some. Can one use any of the Oly functions beyond auto or manual with other flashes, like the Nikon SB-24 or the Vivitar 235HV? Anyone use others, or just stick with Olympus equip...?
  2. ajuk
    You should get all the functionality that it offers with something like the T32 which is good if you're on a budget.
    You can use a Nikon flash on it but apart from telling the flash to fire there's no communication going on, no TTL. That said the flash at any speed on Nikon I think works in manual flash mode so that might work work with the OM4t. I have an SB28 and I don't think I've ever used the high speed sync flash, I think you have to adjust the aperture to suit the flash, not the other way round, and the shutter speed to suit the ambient lighting.
  3. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    I don't think you would go far wrong with the F-280, it works for me. You have choices, normal TTL, manual or the superb full-syncro mode. What more do you need?
  4. wblynch
    Well I think you need the special connector cord.
  5. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    I use my F280 off camera with the F 0.6m TTL Auto Cord, if you go for the F280 and want to use it off camera, as I do, I would suggest locating the cord first. The F280 is now around considerably cheaper than I paid a few years ago. The cord is not quite so easy to aquire but they are around. There are many OM flash cords, mostly for the T system, remember the one needed for the F280 is the F cord, repeat F cord. The shoe fits the hotshoe on camera and the plug fits into socket on the flash unit, as I recall, there are different pins on the T flash units.
  6. beegee675
    Good advice... As I was looking around for the 280s, I noticed that the F cord was harder to locate. Let me see if I can nail one of those first.... I was thinking off-camera also. Is the 280 used with the bounce grip?

  7. Ron O
    Ron O
    This interesting. Didn't realize the 280 could only use the F cord through the hot shoe. Have a F280 but have never used it. More comfortable with the T flashes and their flexibility. Back to the research about the compatibilities of the flashes.
  8. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    beegee675, I use the flash hand held, be careful not to cover the sensor. I don't know if it works with the bounce grip,
    Ron O, I use the T32, T10 Ring Flash and T28 Twin Macro Flash units with my OM2, 2N and 4Ti bodies. With the correct flash shoe on the OM2 bodies they work fine and also on the OM4Ti with it's intergrated shoe, but the BIG advantage with the F280 and OM4Ti is the fact that it can sync. at any shutter speed.
  9. mopar_guy
    The F-280 Flash has 5 electrical contacts on the hot shoe connection. The OM-4T(i) and the OM-3Ti both have the five contact hot shoe and both cameras can utilize the Super FP mode of the F-280 flash. The F-cord for the F-280 flash uses a 7-Pin design. The socket on the flash accepts the 7-pin plug and the other end of the cord attaches to the hot shoe of the camera. I believe that the F-280 can be attached to the bounce grip and connected with the F-cord to the hot shoe. Keep in mind that the output in Super FP mode is fairly low, and bouncing the flash will result in even less light to expose the film.

    The T-Series flashes utilize 3 electrical contacts on the hot shoe connection. The T-Series flashes are compatible with the five-pin TTL synch socket that is on the front of the camera via the T-Series flash cord that are of the five pin design. Personally, I like to use the T-series flashes, because I find them to be more powerful and more versatile.

    The F-280 flash was designed to emulate the use of Focal Plane Flash Bulbs and allow the synchronization at all shutter speeds. For example, the OM-1 has a PC sync socket and there is a switch at the base of the the socket labeled "X-FP". The "X" setting is for electronic flash and the flash is fired as soon as the first shutter curtain is fully open. When you switch this to the "FP" setting, the flash is fired when the first shutter curtain STARTS to move and the long burning Focal Plane Flash Bulbs such as the Sylvania FP-26 or the GE #6 will burn long enough that the whole frame is exposed with flash. The Super FP mode of the F-280 flash is a lot like using a Focal Plane flash bulb, only all of the synchronization is done electronically.

  10. beegee675
    A question... does the f280 in super FP mode choose to fire or not to fire automatically depending on the light? Or does it manage the output and flash regardless?
  11. mopar_guy

    The OM-4T Instruction Manual (Part A, Instructions) lists the following starting on page 61:

    1-Slide the F280 into the accessory shoe and secure it with the lock screw.
    2-Turn the power switch on. (The Flash)
    3-Check the charge indicator.
    4-Set the Mode switch to Super FP.
    5-Set the Camera mode to AUTO.
    6-Select an aperture that results in a shutter speed faster than 1/60 second. (For slower speeds consult the F280 manual).
    7-Press the shutter release.
    8-Confirm the correct exposure by checking the indicator.

    For shutter speeds slower than 1/60th second, set the camera on Manual.

  12. beegee675
    Right. Sounds like you just have to keep an eye on the speed and be ready to switch if it goes lower.

    Here's another Q:
    Has anyone used two f280's together? I guess one would be on an optical slave? Wouldn't that improve reflected bounce output?
  13. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    I haven't used two F280's together or in fact, a F280 with any other slave unit. Having not studied this, I would have to ask how you would trigger the second flash unit? If via a slave unit, then any flash could be used. BUT, would not the TTL system negate the increased light intensity.
  14. beegee675
    That sounds logical. I guess the f280 is basically a singular dedicated unit. I got one recently and haven't had a chance to experiment with it. How did you find the off camera F cord eventually?

    Also, Is there any differences in the F280's? The one I got came with an AF77 and the F280 has a slider switch mode on the back that is set for that camera. Didn't the F280 come out with the OM4 and the AF77 later?
  15. mopar_guy
    The OM-4 came out in 1983. The OM-4 does not work with Super FP mode.
    The OM-77AF and the F280 came out in '85 or '86.
    The OM-4T(i) was released in 1987.
  16. beegee675
    Sorry, forgot the T... So the F280 was develped for the om77AF maybe first... and then while the 4 was being developed into the 4T, they accommodated the circuitry... Still, looking over the specs for the 77, it seems a totally different animal. The shutter looks like it's metal and travels vertically... making it faster for the flash to work with? Not much info around on the om77...
  17. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    beegee675, I can't recall where I tracked down the F cord. It was probably Ace Cameras or Ffordes Photographic.
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