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OM-1N Grip

  1. demonboy
    I prefer wrist straps and was thinking about getting a grip for my OM-1N. The old film winder grips are too bulky, so I'm wondering what my options are. I noticed something started a thread somewhere on APUG where they made grips made out of plastic modelling clay but they were for the later models that allowed grips to be screwed into the front.

    I got a custom-made grip for my OM-D, which screws into the tripod fitting. I'm thinking I could get something similar made here in Malaysia for next to nothing (the bottom bracket doesn't have to be as sophisticated as I don't need tripod or battery access), but I was wondering if something like this exists already. See pic of my OM-D.


    It would only have to look something like this, and simpler still since the bottom bracket would just be solid with a single threaded hole. There are quite a few images of this product:

  2. Hilo
    Hi, first time poster here, but long, long time OM user !

    My OM1 has the small grip for the OM3Ti and OM4Ti attached. Done by a friend / former repairman with Leitz, it meant taking the leather off a bit, drilling a hole, doing a screw thread in the hole, closing the whole thing up . . . took him 10 minutes . . about 5 years ago and it still sits there, rock solid.

    If someone can explain how to attach a picture by uploading from my desktop . . . then I will show you. I only find the Insert image Icon that wants a link. I don't have a link, just a picture
  3. Hilo
    Alternatively, have a look at this. I got some for a Pentax LX and a Pentax ME Super. They're excellent and easy to remove without any trace . . . haven't tried them on OM.

  4. mopar_guy
    I don't think that it is possible to attach pictures to posts in these Group areas.

  5. Hilo
    Ok, I found how to attach pictures . . . logic: it's groupstuff after all ! You will find my OM1 with grip on top of the OM group page . . .
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