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Oly 35 RC surgery...

  1. beegee675
    I have an RC that's been tucked away for a while because it needed some serious work done to it to make it live again. When I got it, it looked like it had either been a hurricane victim (mud-like dirt, but no rust), or someone had an unfortunate rock climbing incident with it. Needless to say more, it was beat and bent, especially around the top housing and the lens front element was scratched. It's missing the timer lever and a few body screws so I wrote it off for parts. Surprisingly, this little guy seems to have a spark of life, and I put it on the operating table to schedule some explorative surgery. The winding, shutter and shutter speeds seem to work, except for the shutter leaves themselves. I can't tell yet whether the meter works, because the little contact tab in the battery compartment seems to be gone, so until I get the baseplate off, that'll be secondary to the shutter. I thought it might be interesting to see what I could do with it to bring it back as a learning process. Wondered if anyone did this kind of work and what their experiences are... I have a few articles from the web on disassembly, so I feel a little confident (but not a lot) about trying this. With zuicko.com not doing these anymore and Essex out of the business, so it seems, there's very few options these days to send things out. I wouldn't send this one out anyway, because of the scratched lens. But still, there's a challenge here...

    -Bob G.
  2. darinwc
    here are some disassemble instructions.

    Good luck! The RC is one of my favorite's!
  3. beegee675
    Looks like it cover what I need to start... I'm just hunting for some miniature replacement screws now to put back into the lost ones on the body. Any good sources?
  4. thuggins
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