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What lenses can I adapt to Olympus OM?

  1. jojonas
    It's getting tiring trying to weed through evilbay searches with all these micro 4/3 results coming up..
    I guess the OM-mount is pretty deep but there's got to be some adapter out there for lenses that mount on bodies with longer focal length?

    Cheers for anyone with ideas on this! I'm gonna go sleep this headache off!
  2. greenbank
    Why do you want to "adapt" lenses to OM, rather than buying OM-mount lenses?
  3. wblynch
    Third party makers offered a limited selection in OM mount. Some had "T" mount or other changeable systems that would let you use the lens on various cameras.

    But now we are just hobbiests keeping these relics alive for fun.. It doesn't make sense trying to force square pegs into round holes.
  4. greenbank
    Well, fair enough. When I was buying non-Olympus lenses (1970s-early 80s) the OM system was still going strong, and every manufacturer (Sigma, Vivitar, Tamron, Elicar, yada yada) offered all his goodies in OM mount as a matter of course. Back then, AF lenses were just getting off the ground, and d*****l was pure science fiction.

    So (as an OM cultist) I still tend to think the world orbits around proper OM-mount lenses, no matter who makes them. Sorry I can't be any more help.
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