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The Olympus OM cult

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  1. jphotos
    I'm a longtime OM user. I just found this group on here and thought I'd proudly put my name among those of you who have already joined this group.

    I've been using my OM2S for twenty years now, also have an OM1. Not as much as some of you but I do swear by them and love them. Also have the XA, but that's irrelevant here

    Look forward to discussing the OM series here and slowly building my collection.
  2. Ken N
    Ken N
    Any camera gear that has an "Olympus" Logo is NOT irrelevant.

    I had an XA for a few years and absolutely loved it.
  3. phc
    I have my old OM-1n still sitting on my shelf. It's the camera I scrimped and saved to buy new when I was a student - about 25 years ago! Haven't used it for years. Hold on - I've just switched the meter on and it still works! I'll try it out. Does this mean I can be a member of your cult? Paul.
  4. Ken N
    Ken N
    Cult? OM... OM... OM... OM...
  5. ksugden
    Hi I shot with the OM system during the 80's following a house burglary in which my equipment was stolen I was seduced by the then new Canon EOS system later migrating to Nikon currently using a F6 based system. As the system got larger I was constantly looking for a almost pocket-able carry every were solution, trying various compacts and finally a Contax G2. None gave me what I was looking for and I inavertly ended up Carrying the F6 and a Mini Trekker full of lenses.

    A couple of months ago my eldest daughter asked me to teach her about photography, so I got her a Nikon EM and a short zoom for a few pounds of the big auction site. when it arrived as was surprised haw small it was. This got me thinking and a few weeks later I am now the owner of a Nice late circuit OM4 and 3 prime lenses all of which fit easily into my waistcoat pockets so can I join you group.

    Regards to all Keith
  6. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    Have I just got a bargain or what? OM F280 flash unit for £24/$35 approx. off ebay. Described as exc.++ and looks so from pics. Best price I can find in store in UK is £99!
  7. Ken N
    Ken N
    Well, the "OM Living History Farm" has just received a T45, 35-80/2.8 and 300/4.5. Stay tuned for full-blown testing of this gear with the 4Ti and 3Ti on the www.zone-10.com website. Ken
  8. Ken N
    Ken N
    Shameless Plug Alert - My OM-3Ti camera review is now posted on www.zone-10.com website. Somebody just accused me of being an "Olympus Fanboy". I suppose there are worse things to be called, eh?
  9. nsurit
    Guess I have it bad. Currently own at least one of all the single digit OMs with the exception of the OM 3Ti. Duplicates of the OM 1/1n as they are used in a class I teach 3 or 4 times a year. Duplicates of the OM 2S, because it is one of my favorites and I've had a couple die on me. Figure the 5 or 6 I currently have are a life-time supply. If not, I'll need to find a new favorite. Currently own these Zuikos: 20mm, 35mm, 50mm f3.5, 50mm f2, 80mm, 135mm & 90mm f2 macros. 16mm, 18mm, 21mm f2, 24mm f2.8, both 28mm, both 35mm, 50mm f1.2, f1.4, f1.8, 85mm, 100mm f2.8, 135mm f2.8, 200mm f4, 2X. In addition to these I have a large stable of the Tamron SP lenses, including: 17mm, 24-48mm, 90mm mm macro, 80-200 f2.8, 300mm f2.8, 400mm f4, 70-150mm soft focus and a couple of others that do not come to mind right now. In the past I've had a couple of Zuiko 40mm f2, 28-48mm, the 300 & 400mm Zuikos. I also use an Olympus Chrome Six, XA and Pen F. I generally will have an OM in the car with me along with the e-3. On my current road trip I have the OM 2S, 21mm f2 and 85mm f2, the e-3 kit and a Diana+. I do a bit of buying and selling and can sometimes help folks scratch the itch they have for things OM. These tools are owned to use. Some get used more often than others. Hope this helps Ken feel better about being called an "Olympus Fanboy." Heck, he already knows of my affliction. Bill Barber
  10. Ken N
    Ken N
    Now you can see why my wife doesn't like me hanging out with Bill. He's a bad influence.
  11. budakpg
    Hello everybody. I am new to this group. I have a few OM cameras. The first one is an OM 1 which I bought several years ago, which was a dead unit and I got it fixed. It is working fine now but the prism is all moldy. My second OM camera is also an OM 1, again a dead unit which was been successfully resuscitated to live, but with a moldy prism and without the meter. It appears that the photocell is gone. Could I get the photocells anywhere? Also does anyone here know how to fix the problem with the prism? Apart from those two OM 1s, I have also acquired 2 OM1N, one in chrome and another in black. The latest addition is a black OM 2N. I really hope that someone could help me with my two problems above. Thanks & best regards.
  12. nsurit
    zuiko.com is the fixit place. John has done a CLA on many of my cameras. You will be satisfied with the service provided by this authorized Olympus repair guy. Bill Barber
  13. Ken N
    Ken N
    I've used John Hermanson of Camtech to service my OM bodies for many years now. He does excellent work and within the Olympus user community is our first choice. As you can tell by the stash that Bill has, he alone keeps this guy in business.

    John Hermanson of Camtech
  14. budakpg
    Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I am not living in the US. I am in Malaysia. Right now the is a reliable chap that could do all the repair works. The problem starts when certain parts need replacement as we could not get any replacement parts out here, e.g. the photocells and/or the prisms. I just wondering whether anyone here could advice where I might be able to source the replacement parts that I had mentioned. Thanks again.
  15. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    budakpq, you could try ebay ie. broken bodies sold for spares or repair, they appear quite regularly.
  16. budakpg
    Thanks Allan for the tip. I keep my eyes open for one.....
  17. Ken N
    Ken N
    Ok, we're up to 33 members now. I'd like to see others post some gallery images to the group too. I recognize the names of some lurkers-lurkers I know who have some serious OM kit.

    On a side-note, I received a 35-80/2.8 lens a couple weeks ago. I knew from past exposure to it that it was a fantastic lens, but there is a gulf between fantastic and outstanding. This lens jumps that gulf. It's a little short-ranged in today's standards of zoom ranges, but the lens is extremely sharp and has wonderful bokeh characteristics. It's a pricey lens, as far as OM lenses are concerned, but reasonable when compared to new digital camera lenses. This is a www.zone-10.com "Highly Recommended" lens.
  18. Sloggy
    Hallo, this is my first step at APUG.
    I have an OM-2n & Winder. I take an 24mm f2,8, 35mm f2,8, 50mm 1,8 & 135mm f3,5 Zuikos.
  19. Ken N
    Ken N
    Welcome, Sloggy. The 2n remains the favorite OM of the entire line for many people. It has that "sports car" feel to it which the other ones don't quite have. You have a comfortable selection of lenses which cover the 99% rule. The 35mm f2.8 lens remains a personal favorite for the bokeh and lack of distortion.
  20. Paul Jenkin
    Paul Jenkin
    Hi there. Just signed up to this group. I owned OM1n, OM2n, OM10 and XA cameras going back to the late 70's and early 80's and loved them but was 'seduced by the dork side' - i.e. Canon when multi-mode T90 came out.

    My current rig is a black OM2n with Zuiko 50mm/f1.4 and a Zuiko 24mm/f2.8. I have my eye on a portrait lens as my next acquisition - probably the Zuiko 100mm/f2.8 unless anyone can convince me there's a better option that won't break the bank. Given Ken's glowing reference on the 35mm/f2.8 that might complete the set.

    I'm based in Essex (UK) and work in London. I also have a Bronica SQ-B and some lenses as well as a Nikon F100, D200 and D300 with a range of lenses to suit most purposes. I love photography. A darkroom is something I'm missing but I'm thinking of getting back into processing my own negs.

    Well, enough about me. Nice to meet you all. Very best wishes for the festive season to everyone.
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